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Types of lambrequins for curtains


Lambruck is a very important elementDecor. It can become the finishing touch in the design of any window, decorating and ennobling it. Designers share lambrequins for several subspecies, each of which is good in its own way.

Hard lambrequin

This species was created by Thomas ChippendaleQuite a long time ago, and in its original form was made exclusively of wood. For the production of hard lambrequins, the tree is used to this day, however such products are not as popular as before and are used, as a rule, in English or Russian style of design of premises.

Now, in the manufacture of lambrequin,A solid type of non-woven fabric, which is commonly called a "bando". It makes it possible to receive a much larger number of different colors and shades. This kind of lambrequin is quite popular when used together with blinds. Therefore, the use of this interior decor element in office premises is very popular. If you complete the product with embroidery or the original edging, then it is possible to achieve the effect of solemnity and even pomposity.

Hard lambrequin, due to its structure,Can take a variety of forms - from simple rectangles to figures of various animals. Therefore, it can be applied to almost any interior.

Soft Lambrequin

As a rule, soft lambrequins are made ofSeveral cuts of fabric, so successfully interacting with each other, which gives the impression of a single whole. In various variations of this type of lambrequin, there are elements such as jabos, all kinds of overturns, ties and much more.

The designer who creates this type of lambrequin shouldWith special attention to the texture of used fabrics and their colors. You can play as a combination of textures and colors, and on contrasts. Lambruck can be used both as a decorative element, and for masking the old, or not quite successful cornice. In addition, by properly choosing the shape and size of the lambrequin, you can visually change the size of the window.

Complex and simple lambrequins

Simple lambrequins are just a tissueA strip with a tape running through it. The lambrequin fabric can be monophonic, or with a wide variety of patterns. Even despite the seeming simplicity of such a product, it can become quite a stylish element of decor.

Complex lambrequins are created from the mostVarious types of fabric, and this fabric can differ in color and texture. Products of this type are very often draped, dispensed by contrasting bake or have weave of a fabric of contrasting shades.

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