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TYPES summer terraces

Forms summer terraces

Gone are the days when the terrace was a sign of great luxury.

Now terrace available to all cottagers, and owners of country houses. This extension is decorated with the appearance of the site, giving it a finished look.

Here you can enjoy the charm of a holiday away from the smoky city.

Making Sense of the design suburban terraces.



The outdoor terrace
This is a large porch, which is adjacent to the house. Railing low here, the area is usually decorated with a variety of ornamental plants. Vacation summer terraces are usually equipped with umbrellas that protect owners from sunlight, but from the weather, they can not hide.


Semi-open terrace
In the middle zone of bad weather often findsTruckers on the site, so it would be appropriate to put a half-open terrace on a summer residence. Usually they are built from polycarbonate or just make a small canopy that covers part of the space where the dining table is located, chairs. It is convenient to use for this purpose of the roof of the house. Such a structure is very rescue the gardeners in the summer, hiding them from the rain. In addition, it is easier and cheaper to make a half-open terrace, rather than fully closed.


Covered terrace
This will save the terrace from the weather and even snow. The roof protects the surrounding area - it allows for glazing terrace. Beautiful transparent doors and walls will cover the home side garden from the wind. Beautifully will look a winter garden on a terrace.


Roof Terrace
This facility will be harder to do. Most likely, it is necessary to call experienced professionals, so they made literate calculations correctly identified the strain on the roof of the house. Still need to provide a ramp for water drainage. Properly consider all that is not affected by this extension internal structure of the building. Roof terrace can be used as a gym, a solarium, an open area for a family holiday.

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