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Types of snow removal equipment</a>

In winter, one of the main problems is not onlyAuthorities and municipal utilities of the city, as well as the owners of private houses - it's snow. Therefore, the issue of purchasing snow-removing equipment is especially acute.

After all, you need to take into account quite a few parameters to make the device really useful, and not getting dusty under the stairs.

The principle of snow machines is thatLarge, small - quite simple. Inside the device there is an engine that drives the mechanisms that take the snow mass inside the device. In the same place, inside, a powerful impeller is installed, which throws snow from the device in the given direction. Small snow plows, intended for private farms, are rather weak - their power does not exceed 5 horsepower. But despite this, with its task this technique still does quite well.

Types of machines for snow removal

Often, snow-removing technology is divided into two types:
- electric-
- The petrol.

Electrical options, as it already becomesUnderstandably from the name, work from the power grid. They have very little power. There is one rather big drawback for such models and it is connected with the presence of a wire through which the device connects to the network. Firstly, in the frost, such a cord becomes more brittle, less elastic and can simply break down. Secondly, there is always the risk of tightening the cord under the snow and inside the appliance. In both cases, the device can become deadly to humans.

Naturally, with all the safety rules and the processing of a rather small area, such a device is quite convenient and reliable enough for high-quality snow removal in the yard of the house.

The most popular is the petrolequipment. It is also divided into several types, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Petrol snowplows are divided into self-propelled and non-self-propelled. The main plus of both is that they are not tied to the network, which means they have greater maneuverability and are able to successfully clear a large territory. However, it should be borne in mind that non-self-propelled harvesting equipment is quite low-power. Therefore, an option that is able to work independently, at a higher price.

Also very popular are theCaterpillar tracks - they have better grip on the surface, and they are able to remove more snow and ice in a short time. And also work on the slopes.

Types of snow machines

In addition to species, snow-removal equipment is divided alsoBy types. Basically, in shops you can find two versions of such devices - single-stage and two-stage. In the first variant, a special screw with spiral lobes rotates inside the machine. It is they who rake the snow to the center of the apparatus, and then throw it out. The second option is rotary - with the aid of a screw, snow falls onto the rotor and is then ejected outwards.

In the first type of machine snow falls at a distance of 5 meters, in the second - up to 10-15 meters. And this means that clearing in the second case will be more effective.

Additional options

To make work with a snow plow moreComfortable, different manufacturers come up with their bonuses. For example, some make a heated handle, which, naturally, makes working with the car more comfortable. Others equip their device with a wear-resistant brush, so that this technique can be used even in the summer to bring order to the site. Still others offer devices equipped with halogen headlights, so you can clean the area from snow and in the dark, and not wait for the weekend and wade all this time in the snowdrifts.

What to consider when working with snow-removal equipment

In case you keep the snowUnheated room, for example, a barn in the yard, it is necessary to process it after use. And it does not matter whether the case involves a hand-held device or a self-propelled device. Be sure to clean the snow, sticking to screws and brushes. This is due to the fact that after the work has finished the heated engine will melt it, then the water will drain and again freeze only on other mechanisms. As a result, the device will break down, the mechanisms rust, and the snowplough will have to be replaced.

Do not start the instrument immediately. To begin, carefully rotate the motor shaft with a special starting cable. Orientation that everything is in order, for you should serve the fact that the shaft will start to rotate freely. Hence, the device can be freely started.

Application area

In most cases, they are used for cleaningSmall areas - paths, terraces or parking for cars in the country - a small electric snowplow. It is quite simple to operate, it belongs to the category of mini-devices and, according to reviews already tried it in the business, does a good job of coping with its duties.

In case you need to clear fromLoose and fresh snow the land is completely, it is best to stop your choice on the non-self-propelled petrol unit. He has a device that protects the blades from encountering stones.

If a large area is to be cleared orA person does not feel enough strength to push a non-self-propelled unit for a long time, self-help models will come to the aid. They have powerful engines that perfectly withstand work in the cold.

Crawler models will be needed if yourThe area is hilly or located on a slope. Maneuverability in such aggregates is an order of magnitude higher than that of other models. In this case, they have increased patency and endurance.

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