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TYPES snowplows

Types of snowplows

In winter, one of the major problems not only ingovernment and municipal services of the city, but also the owners of private homes - it snow. Therefore it is especially acute question of the acquisition of snowplows.

After all, you need to consider a lot of options, so that the instrument is really useful, and not gather dust under the stairs.

The principle of operation of snow plows - thatlarge, that small - is quite simple. Inside the device there is an engine that drives the mechanism that fills up the snow mass inside the instrument. Ibid, inside powerful impeller installed which throws snow from the device in a predetermined direction. Small snegouborochniki intended for private households, rather frail - its power does not exceed 5 horsepower. But despite this, their task, this technique is still coping quite well.

Types of machines for snow removal

Often the snow-clearing equipment is divided into two types:
- elektricheskaya-
- Gasoline.

Electrical embodiments, as becomesthe name suggests, are powered by the mains. They have very little power. There is a pretty big disadvantage of such models and it is connected with the presence of the wires, through which the device and connects to the network. Firstly, such a frost cord becomes brittle, less elastic and can simply break. Secondly, there is always the risk of tightening the cord under the snow, and the inside of the device. And in fact, and in another case, the device can be deadly to humans.

Naturally, in compliance with all safety rules and processing is quite a small area, such a device is quite easy to use and reliable enough for high-quality cleaning of snow in the yard.

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Most popular petrolequipment. It is also divided into several types, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Gasoline snegouborochniki divided into self and non-self. The main advantage of both other that they are not bound to the network, and hence have greater flexibility and are able to successfully purify large area. However, it should take into account that non self-propelled harvesting equipment is thin enough. Therefore, an option that is able to work independently, at a great price.

Also very popular are devices oncrawler - and they grip better, and they are able to remove more snow and ice in a short time. As well as working on slopes.

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Types of snowplows

In addition to the species snow-clearing equipment is also dividedby type. Basically, two variants of such devices can be found in stores - single-stage and two-stage. In the first embodiment, inside the machine rotates the special auger having spiral blades. They rake up snow to the center of the device, and then throw it out. The second option - the rotor - by using a screw snow gets on the rotor, and only then is thrown out.

The first type of snow wave crashes over a distance of 5 meters, the second - up to 10-15 meters. This means that the clearance in the second case it will be more effective.

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Additional options

To make the work more with snegouborochnikomcomfortable, different manufacturers are coming up with their bonuses. For example, some do handle heated, which, naturally, makes the work with the machine more comfortable. Other equip your device wear-resistant brush, so this technique can be used even in the summer to restore order in the area. Still others offer devices equipped with halogen lights, so land clean of snow is possible in the dark, and not wait for the weekend and it's time to wade all the drifts.

What to consider when working with snow plow

If you keep in snegouborochnikunheated premises, such as a shed in the yard, you need to treat it after use. And it does not matter whether the case concerns a manual device or a self-propelled. Be sure to scrape snow adhering to the screws and brushes. This is due to the fact that after the end of the engine is hot will melt it, then water will flow again freeze only it has other mechanisms. As a result, the device fails, the mechanisms prorzhaveyut and snegouborochnik have to change.

As soon as the device does not start working. To start motor shaft carefully rotate the special starter rope. A reference point that everything is in order, for you must be the fact that the shaft will rotate freely. So, the device can freely start.

Application area

In most cases, used for clearingsmall areas - paths, terraces and parking for cars in the country - a small electric snegouborochnik. It is quite easy to manage, belongs to the category of mini-instruments and reviews have already tried it in pretty good cope with their responsibilities.

If you need to clean up onloose and fresh snow land completely, it is best to opt for a self-propelled petrol unit. It has a device that protects the blades from a meeting with the stones.

If to be clearing a large area orone does not feel strong enough to push for a long time in front of a rolling equipment, get help from independent model. They have powerful engines that can withstand great work in the cold.

Models on tracks needed if yourhilly land or situated on the slopes. Maneuverability in these units is much higher than the other models. At the same time they have increased maneuverability and endurance.

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