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TYPES primer

Types of coats

Primer - a special composition, which is applied to the surface prior to painting and decorating.

They include substances that form a special protective film.

Depending on the primer base isolated its various varieties.


Primers are acrylic-basedversatile materials and are suitable for coating virtually all surfaces - wood, cement, bricks, concrete blocks, fiberboard, chipboard, plasterboard and many metals. These primers have some advantages. For example, they are very quick to dry, do not have a specific smell, easily diluted with plain water. This kind of material is very comfortable in a residential area.


Most often used in the alkyd primerwith the timber. This composition effectively loosens the top surface layer, which contributes to uniform application of paints and other decorative materials. Time during which the primer dries - 10-15 hours, depending on the conditions of work. Some of the compositions contain anti-corrosive elements, which allow a primer on metal surfaces.

Some varieties are bred primers using ordinary water, and some require acidic diluents.

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Polyurethane is used in the primerpreparation of concrete walls or floor to spray enamel or Wallcovering. This material fills the fine pores and contributes to strengthening the base. The composition dries in about 8-12 hours after application, has a high penetrating ability and makes the surface of the porous structure more dense.


Shellac primer used to coverwood and contain in their composition shellac solution - resin, which is produced by certain insects. With this solution is coated on sections swirls conifers. It is used to prepare for the application of stain, varnish or paint.

Other species

Polystyrene compounds are used for the treatment ofwooden floors and plaster surfaces. As part of these primers contain toxic substances, and therefore work with this kind of Matheran it is recommended on the street.

Before carrying out any work, carefully read the instructions for use.

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Perchlorovinyl primer used formetal coating and is sometimes applied to the plastered brick and concrete materials, especially in the cold season, when working with external surfaces. At + 18-20oS they dry out in just one hour.

PVA primer used forcreation of a preparatory layer of PVA paint and dry in just 30 minutes. Phenol-based materials used for primary coating wood or metal, and phosphate coats are applied only on the metal and prevent the formation of rust.

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