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Types of suspended ceilings: plasterboard, Pinion and cassette

Types of suspended ceilings: plasterboard, Pinion and cassette

Stretch ceilings - beautiful and practical solution for the interior. Simple to install and durable tension, or, as they are called, the French ceilings are able to transform any room.

A variety of colors, textures and types of vinyl suspended ceilings allows you to find the best solution for apartments, houses and offices.

Modern ceilings are made ofvinyl film. This lightweight and waterproof fabric pull on a special frame, thanks to the flexibility and durability of vinyl can be given any ceiling configuration. Therefore, ceilings do not limit the designer's imagination. There are several types of ceilings, varying in functionality, cost, complexity of installation in an apartment or other criteria.

Plasterboard ceilings

Stretch ceilings made of sheetsdrywall, will become the best choice, if you want to decorate the ceiling of unusual shape. Also gypsum models are suitable for the installation of built fixtures, LED strip. Popularity of drywall constructions explained the democratic value of the material, environmentally friendly raw materials, ease of assembly.

The surface of such a tension ceiling willperfectly flat, it is possible immediately after installation to start the further furnish. Ceilings of plasterboard differ low resistance to moisture, shrinkage of the building may cause cracks in the structure. Depending on the type of ceiling performance, the sheets can be mounted on wooden beams or metal profiles.

Regardless of the type of stretch ceiling, these structures give good sound insulation. French ceilings allow utilities to mask defects.

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Pinion ceilings

Pinion ceilings are panelsaluminum, which are mounted close to each other on the metal frame. The ceilings of this type are suitable for use in rooms with high humidity, slats can be coated with enamel and varnish. Pinion ceilings attractive aesthetics and long service life, can now be found perforated and solid material.

The ceilings of the rails are modulardesigns, their undoubted advantage - the ease of installation and minimal care requirements. Suffice it to wipe the surface. If you wish, you can make out the rack ceiling to, for example, to repair the wiring.

Choose a beautiful stretch ceiling is possible for the interior in a classical style, high-tech country and beyond. Stretch ceilings are allowed to use even in hospitals.

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Cassette ceilings

Cassette ceilings are assembled from modulessquare or rectangular elements put in special mounting frame. The ceilings of this type may have a completely smooth surface or perforated. To prevent corrosion on the cassette suspended ceiling is often applied protective coating. You can choose a beautiful mirrored ceiling grid with empty cavities, colorful, with your photo or image you liked and not only. Cassette ceilings are installed in rooms with high humidity.

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