How to build the foundation for the house
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TYPES modern foundations

Types of modern foundations

The construction of any house begins with the creation of the foundation, but for various conditions, types of houses, financial capacity need different types of foundations.

Today, the most popular band, pile, monolithic and columnar foundations.

Monolithic foundation

Monolithic foundation is a concreteplate that provides support to the entire surface of the future construction. This is the most expensive and one of the most difficult types of foundation, which has many advantages. Reinforced concrete slab can withstand heavy loads, so it is set at the high stone buildings. Its "floating" features allow you to protect the house from the movement or subsidence during heaving soils. Depth of laying the slab does not play a role in the ability to withstand the loads it is usually lay two feet deep, at least ten centimeters. Under the solid foundation you need to make a bed of gravel. It is important to well-reinforced slabs ribbed products that adhere well to concrete.

Strip foundation

Strip foundation resembles a monolith, butconcrete is poured is not under the entire area of ​​the house and under the outer and inner bearing walls. Digs a trench foundation pit, set formwork that defines the shape and reduces material consumption, installed valves and poured concrete. The result is a fairly thin ribbon flow of concrete which is several times smaller than the installation plate.

Timber, used for installation of the formwork can be removed and used in the construction.

Strip foundation slab is much more economical,but also quite expensive. In addition, it is complicated to install: it is necessary to produce high quality formwork, correctly calculate the amount of reinforcement and dimensions of its chassis and pour the concrete strip in one go, without interrupting the process, otherwise the foundation will lose their properties. This type withstand severe loads and is suitable for all types of homes.

pile foundation

Pile foundation, one of the new type isseveral bored piles, which are stuffed to a depth below the freezing ground. This is a very robust design, it can be used in any situation and is most often used when all other types are not suitable, for example, or in swampy peat soils. The piles are installed quickly, such a foundation can be done at any time of the year. And its price is very democratic - almost half less than that of the belt type.

Piles allow to ventilate the underground part of the house, make it possible to build a basement.

pier foundation

Pier foundation - one of the most economical,it can significantly reduce the cost of the first stage of construction of the house. This type represents a number of load-bearing elements - columns of different shapes and made of different materials - which are installed under the area of ​​the house with a certain step. Poles made of blocks, bricks, concrete. Columnar foundations are suitable for lightweight wooden houses and baths, outbuildings, garages and other small structures. They are good on soils with a deep freezing, but not suitable for moving non-cohesive soils. Poles do not allow you to create a complete cellar or basement. Another advantage of this type of foundation - simplicity in the construction, with the task successfully cope and unprofessional and inexperienced builders.

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