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Types of light salads


Tired of complex heavy salads that have to be made for long hours? Try to prepare one of the above recipes and you will be surprised how easily they prepare.

Types of light salads



Light apple salad.
Cut into small cubes of green apples. Add finely chopped spinach with celery and chopped walnuts. Serve with sour cream or olive oil.


Light fruit salad.
Rinse thoroughly and peel with avocado,Kiwi, lime and a green apple. Kiwi and avocado cut into rings. Cut the apple into cubes. Lime can be rubbed on a fine grater or thinly cut into strips. Put all the fruits in a salad bowl and season with mint sauce. When serving, you can decorate with nuts.


Light salad with cheese.
Green onions and lettuce torn with hands or cut into culinary scissors. Brynza and radish cut into cubes. Put all the ingredients in a salad bowl and season with sauce from sour cream and dill.


Easy salad from fresh cabbage.
Eggs boil, peel and shellfishTo cut. Cut cucumbers into rounds. Cabbage can be cut into strips or torn. Put in a salad bowl and mix thoroughly. Add sauce from vegetable oil and parsley.


Easy salad from grilled chicken.
Chicken grilled cut into small strips. Cherry tomatoes and cucumbers thoroughly rinse and cut into rounds. Leaves of lettuce and green onions tear with their hands or cut into culinary scissors. Add sauce from vegetable oil, parsley and lemon juice.

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