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Types of housing construction</a>

The growth of citizens' welfare and expansionThe possibilities of obtaining mortgage loans contribute to the active development of housing construction. The scale of integrated housing construction allows to provide citizens with apartments of very different class - from low-rise individual construction to elite categories.

Types of housing construction is usually determined by the type of materials used in the construction of buildings.

Classification of types of housing construction

For many families the purchase of a separate dwellingCan become a challenge and a test of the level of financial solvency. Still, the current situation in the construction sector allows everyone to choose the option that best suits his material situation, suits the cost and timing of construction work.

In the construction of apartment buildings adoptedTo distinguish four types, each of which corresponds to a certain type of building materials. It is a question of wooden, panel, brick and monolithic housing construction. Quite often there are also houses of mixed type, where two or three main types are combined in different combinations. There are also individual construction and erection of apartment buildings.

Individual construction: budgetary methods

The most economical option for an individualLow-rise construction today are residential houses of frame-panel construction, which can be erected in the shortest possible time. The technology of construction does not require a powerful foundation. At the construction site is installed a light metal or wooden frame, which is lined with prefabricated panels. Then immediately follows the finish.

Houses of frame-panel structure, unlike wooden houses, practically do not give shrinkage.

The second economical way of building a houseInvolves the use of building blocks. In this case, light and compact modern building materials are used, which have high insulating properties. This design also allows you to save on the construction of the foundation. The advantages of block construction are that it requires a minimum of special equipment for its erection.

Wooden housing construction

Construction of houses made of wood did not go away at allpast. But if in large cities obsolete wooden structures are usually subject to demolition, then in the suburban real estate market, wooden houses are in great demand, occupying at least a third of the total number of objects located outside the city.

There has been a steady trend towards reassessmentDestination of wooden suburban real estate. If earlier such houses were used only for rest, today they increasingly play the role of permanent residence. In close proximity to major cities, large cottage villages with a significant share of wooden buildings are being built. The cost of wooden housing is usually relatively low and depends on the type of wood used in construction.

The shortage of wooden houses is considered to be fragility and a high risk of fire.

Panel building construction

Typical panel houses, very similar one toThe other is familiar to most urban residents. They are quite simple to build, because the design schemes of such houses are clearly worked out. This makes it possible to shorten the design time of apartment buildings to a minimum and build them in significant volumes.

Apartments in panel houses are available for wideLayers of the population, although their quality is not as high as in brick or monolithic houses. Panel buildings, in the production of which more modern technologies are used, can be considered optimal, taking into account the ratio of their quality and price. Significant disadvantages of the "panel" are eliminated when using sound and heat insulation materials.

Monolithic building construction

Unlike the panel structure, the monolithicThe residential building is not built from pre-prepared individual blocks, but is constructed directly on the construction site. First, the foundation of the building is formed, then a concrete mixture is poured into it. The walls can then be erected from other materials, for example from bricks.

Most often a monolithic house is aAn individual architectural project, not related to mass building. Such houses are distinguished by free planning of apartments, each of which has a large area. Technologies allow to build monolithic houses with a large number of floors.

Monolithic housing construction is classified as eliteCategories of housing. Buy an apartment in a monolithic house can not every family, because the benefits have to pay. If you plan to make a redevelopment of the apartment, it will also require significant investment. The disadvantage of such buildings is that they are built much slower than panel houses.

Brick building construction

Brick houses can be found both in the cityAnd outside of megacities. Buildings made of bricks are comfortable and technological. The dignity of such housing is in good isolation from noise. The brick is also good "breathes", this material is durable and has a long life. That's only to build a house of brick is quite difficult, because to do this, it is necessary to literally add it from individual small elements.

Polls show that if there is a financialThe possibilities of a brick house for housing would be chosen by two-thirds of the population. Unfortunately, in life this is not possible for everyone, since brick buildings have the highest price category.

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