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Types of housing

Types of housing

The growth and expansion of the well-being of citizensopportunities for mortgage loans now actively promote the development of housing construction. The scale housing complex construction allow for citizens' apartments of different classes - from low-rise individual building, to elite categories.

Types of housing is usually determined by the type of materials used in the construction of buildings.

Classification of housing

For many families, the purchase of a separate housingIt can be a daunting task and checking the level of financial solvency. Yet the current situation in the construction industry it is allowing everyone to choose the option that best suits his financial position, are satisfied with the cost and timing of construction works.

In the construction of apartment buildings madeallocate four types, each of which corresponds to a certain type of building materials. It is a wooden, panel, brick and monolithic housing construction. Often there is also the home of mixed type, which combine in different combinations of two or three basic types. There are also individual construction and the construction of apartment buildings.

Individual building: budgetary methods

The most economical option of the individuallow-rise building today are considered houses skeleton-shield construction, which can be build in a very short period of time. Construction technology does not require a device powerful foundation. On-site construction is set lightweight metal or wooden frame, which sheathe the finished panel. Then, immediately followed by finishing.

Houses skeleton-shield structure unlike wooden houses, virtually do not shrink.

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The second cost-effective way of building a houseIt involves the use of building blocks. In the course are lightweight and compact, modern construction materials, which have high insulating properties. This design also allows you to save money on the construction of the foundation. Advantages of modular construction is that for its construction requires a minimum of special equipment.

wood Building

Building wooden houses is not a thing of thepast. But if in the big cities are usually older wooden structures to be demolished, the suburban real estate market of wooden houses are in high demand, occupying at least one third of the total number of objects located outside the city.

There has been a steady trend towards revaluationDestination wooden suburban real estate. Previously, these houses are used only for recreation, but now they are increasingly playing the role of permanent residence. In the vicinity of large cities built large cottage settlements, which have a significant proportion of wooden buildings. Cost wooden housing is usually relatively low and dependent on the type of wood used in construction.

The disadvantage of wooden houses are considered to be short-lived and a high risk of fire.

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panel construction

Typical panel houses, very similar to the oneanother, familiar to most urban residents. They simply build as circuit design of such houses is clearly fulfilled. This allows to minimize the terms of the design of houses and build them in large volumes.

Apartments in panel houses available to the generalsegments of the population, although the quality is not as high as in brick or monolithic houses. Panel structure, in the production of which use more modern technology can be considered optimal when taking into account the ratio of quality and price. Material "panel" disadvantages are eliminated by using acoustic and thermal insulation materials.

Monolithic housebuilding

Unlike the panel structure, monolithica house not built from prefabricated individual blocks and constructed directly on the construction site. Initially formed the foundation of the building, and then pour the concrete mixture into it. Walls can thereafter be erected from other materials such as brick.

The most common is a monolithic houseindividual architectural project, unrelated to mass building. Such houses are distinguished by an open plan apartments, each of which has a large area. Technologies allow you to build solid houses with more floors.

Monolithic housing construction belongs to an eliteLodging categories. Buy an apartment in the monolithic house is not every family, because of the benefits to be paid. If your intention is to make alterations to the apartment, it will also require a significant investment. The disadvantage of such structures is that they are built much more slowly prefabricated houses.

Brick House Building

Brick houses can be found in the cityline, and outside the big cities. Buildings made of bricks comfortable and practically feasible. The advantage of such housing - in a good isolation from noise. Brick is also good "breathing", the material is durable and has a long service life. That's just to build a house of brick is quite difficult, because it requires literally fold it from some small items.

Polls show that the presence of financialopportunities brick building for housing would have chosen two-thirds of the population. Unfortunately, in life afford it can afford not all, because the building of bricks have a higher price category.

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