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Types of construction grids

Types of construction grids

In the construction of using different kinds of nets, they are necessary for the reinforcement of concrete, brickwork during the construction of the walls and laying the foundation.

Also, construction mesh used for fencing suburban areas, manufacturing cells for animals and birds, and they are required in the construction of roads.

Construction expanded metal mesh (PVA)

This grid is made of sheet metalby operations prosekaniya and stretching, thus preserving the integrity of its structure and volume. PVA - inexpensive form of mesh, with good reinforcing properties. It is often used when installing floor heating.
The cells have a diamond shaped grid, the thickness of the PVA may be different. It is defined step punching and metal thickness.

Welded mesh

For the production of welded mesh used smoothwire rods have its mutually perpendicular and are welded by spot welding. This structure makes the grid and articles of hard. The cells have a square or rectangular shape. Parameters cells and wire mesh coating form is selected depending on the type of work for which it is intended.

Choosing the net, check the welding quality - it is the main parameter of its fortress. Welding must withstand a load in the form of bending.

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For plastering mesh suit without covering with a mesh size of 12,5h12,5 mm 12,5h25mm or 12,5h25mm and wire thickness of 0.6 and 1 mm.

When installing floor heating concrete screed reinforcing mesh wire without a coating thickness of 0.6-1 mm, with mesh size of 12,5h12,5 to 20x20 mm.

To use the mesh fence made of thick wire having a galvanized or coated. Cells products are 50x50, 50x100, 100x100 mm.

Plaster mesh

In order to strengthen the construction of the layer of plaster inside and outside buildings, solids pipe insulation and filtration apply plaster grid.

Plaster mesh metal made of metal sheet, which cut through the diamonds. They are then stretched on cells arranged in a checkerboard pattern.

In addition to metal, plaster netting can be plastic or glass cloth. They are used for painting, plastering and facade work.

Grid wattled

Knitted mesh or netting is widely used forcreating protections, construction of cells and enclosures for the animals, for the thermal insulation works. They make it out of mild steel by plexus flat spirals. Grid cells can be in the form of a square or a rhombus.

The most high-quality netting is coated. This grid will last a very long time, since it is not subject to corrosion.

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Durability depends netting mesh size and wire diameter. The larger wire diameter and smaller cell, the stronger mesh.

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