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Types of building nets</a>

In the construction of different types of nets are used, they are necessary for reinforcing a reinforced concrete structure, brickwork for the erection of walls and foundation laying.

Also, building grids are used for fencing suburban areas, making cages for animals and birds, they are also needed when building roads.

Expanded-expanded building mesh (PVA)

Such a grid is made of sheet metalThrough operations of cutting and drawing, which allows to preserve the integrity and volume of its structure. PVS is an inexpensive type of mesh, which has good reinforcing properties. It is often used when laying a warm floor.
The cells of such a grid have the shape of a diamond, the thickness of the PVA can be different. It is determined by the step of cutting and the thickness of the metal.

Welded mesh

For the production of welded mesh use a smoothWire, its bars are mutually perpendicular and welded by spot welding. This structure makes the grid and products from it rigid. Cells are square or rectangular in shape. Parameters of cells and wire, the type of coverage of the grid is chosen depending on the type of work for which it is intended.

When choosing a grid, check the quality of welding - this is the main parameter of its strength. Welding must withstand the load in the form of bending.

For plastering works suitable net without cover with cells measuring 12.5 x 12.5 mm, 12.5 x 25 mm or 12.5 x 25 mm and wire thickness 0.6 and 1 mm.

When installing a warm floor, the concrete screed is reinforced with a wire net without a coating 0.6-1 mm thick with a mesh size of 12.5x12.5 to 20x20 mm.

For fences use a grid made of thick wire, which has a galvanized or polymer coating. Cells of the product can be 50x50, 50x100, 100x100 mm.

Plaster mesh

In the construction industry, plaster mesh is used to strengthen the plaster layer inside and outside the buildings, insulate the pipes and filter the bulk solids.

Metal plaster mesh is made from a sheet of metal, in which cut diamonds. They are then stretched into staggered cells.

In addition to metal, plaster mesh can be plastic or glass cloth. They are used for painting, plastering and facade work.

Mesh wicker

Woven mesh or netting is widely used forCreating fences, building cells and enclosures for animals, for heat insulation works. It is made of low-carbon steel by the method of woven flat spirals. The grid cells can be in the form of a square or a diamond.

The most high-quality is the rabitsa with a polymeric covering. Such a mesh will last very long, as it is not susceptible to corrosion.

Strength of the mower depends on the size of the cells and the diameter of the wire. The larger the diameter of the wire and the smaller the cell, the stronger the grid.

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