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TYPES humidifiers

Types of humidifiers

Optimal humidity in the room housing the destination is 40-60%.

Determine the level of humidity is possible by means of the hygrometer.

Too dry air is the cause of deterioration of health, occurrence of dry mouth and difficulty with breathing.

Solve the problem will allow the installation of the humidifier, consider what are the different types of these devices.

Mechanical control humidifiereasier and cheaper to such a device, but it is usually smaller features. Be sure to consider the capacity of the humidifier, which should be selected for the size of the room. By type of humidifier can be traditional, steam or ultrasound.

Traditional humidifier

traditional type of instrument runs the airmass through the filter and fills it with moisture. In addition, the air is clean. The advantage of this type of equipment is considered to be low cost and low power consumption. Special cartridge will allow to use ordinary water into the unit.

Ultrasonic Humidifier

Ultrasonic Humidifier is also quiteeconomical in power consumption, can adjust the humidity in the room. Cartridges should be changed only, water should be used regularly cleaned. The cost of the ultrasonic humidifier is quite high, but the unit is totally silent.

The steam humidifier

Work steam humidifier isproduction of sterile hot steam. The advantage of the device is considered to be able to do with it via inhalation. The disadvantages of the steam humidifier may include a high power consumption and the temperature of the scalding steam.

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