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Types and construction scaffolding

Types and construction scaffolding

For several thousand years ago during the construction oflarge-scale building structures needed tools, which was convenient to work at height. Ancient Egyptians staged around the buildings high mound, but it was time-consuming and not very practical.

Subsequently appeared scaffolding, which are still widely used in the construction of multi-storey buildings.

Wooden scaffolding

Scaffolding widely varying designsused in the construction of buildings and restoration work at height. Previously forest was quite shaky and fragile, so the work at height was associated with risk to life. Modern technologies allow to make forests more robust design. A specially designed operating rules at such facilities reduce the risk of falling and injury to a minimum.

The most common material for manufacturingforests - wood, from which this design got its name. Made of strong, high-quality wood often assembled the so-called improvised scaffolding, on which you can work in a relatively small height, for example, in the construction of a private house. From the planks forming the horizontal deck, attached to his reliable support.

Dimensions simple wooden woods are chosen so that the worker can stand steadily on the floor, and the feet should not go beyond the edge of the design.

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Props are attached to the main support membersat an acute angle, with their lower part is tapered and secured in the ground. Vertical side supports nailed to the wall structure with nails that are not slaughtered before the end, because it's easier to disassemble the structure upon completion of work. After assembly of forests, ensure reliability of connections and the strength of the whole structure. We do not recommend wood forest taller than seven meters.

Metal timber

More durable and solid design of forestsmade of aluminum or steel pipes. Installation of these forests produced by industrial methods. Usually distinguish metal scaffolding and modular frame construction. From frame scaffold most widely pluggable and modular - saddle and wedge design. Each type of forest will certainly require mounting to the wall by means of anchors. In addition, under the forest area should be level and compacted.

As a rule, when applying metal scaffolding arrange drainage from the site rainwater.

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Popularity frame scaffold due to the lowprice and ease of assembly. Construction elements for installation facilities led into corresponding holes and securely fixed by turning the fastening element. Every superior frame is introduced into the slot bottom of the forest, the additional fixing is not required. The height of the frame assembly of forests can reach several tens of meters. It is important to think in advance how the tiers will be located with ladders and accurately calculate the number of frames required for a particular building.

Another type of metal scaffolding - Pinstructure. Collecting them is also very simple. The difference in the pin forest that their horizontal elements are fixed by introducing a hollow tube pins. To make forests more rigid braces used which is mounted diagonally. Pin forests are widely used in masonry work, at least - for finishing buildings. Combining the pin and yoke forests, we can construct complex schemas with a reliable and versatile frame. Cost pin forests is somewhat higher than the frame.

It is more difficult arranged wedge scaffolding. Elements of such a framework is fixed with steel wedges that you want to hammer and punch hammer. Wedge scaffolding is therefore more reliable and able to withstand much higher loads when compared with male or by web. Form wedge is selected to prevent spontaneous wedging. This type of woods used not only in the construction of houses, but also in shipbuilding.

The so-called saddle forests providethe ability to build virtually any spatial structure, including complex dome or projections. These forests are incomparably more complex in construction and require more careful assembly. But these difficulties paying off possible applications of this type of forest, because they allow you to deal with the problem of dead zones, where other types of forests can not be applied.

What type of woods to choose

By choosing scaffolding, you should come out of their intended uses. To do this, you need to take into account the urgency and scope of the planned activities, as well as the presence or absence of the site for the construction of accommodation.

For construction and decoration on a relatively smallheight suitable unpretentious and cheap frame scaffold. For higher buildings use more reliable pin and saddle designs that have a greater carrying capacity. But the complex geometry of the structure is practically no choice, making use of the forest saddle.

If you plan to work for a long time, try to choose a timber with galvanized clamps, resistant to corrosion.

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To scaffolding it is too expensiveevent, try to calculate in advance the need for elements. Make a diagram of the installation, providing reliable attachment points, outlining accommodations transitional safety-stairs and ledges. Good results can be obtained by combining different types of woods. This will allow access to the most complex surface structure.

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