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Two recipes with chamomile for health and beauty


Unique properties of chamomile are used inFolk, and in traditional medicine. This humble flower has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic properties. It contains substances that soothe nerves and improve cerebral circulation.

Two recipes with chamomile for health and beauty
Treatment with chamomile

You can maintain your health with the help ofChamomile. He will get rid of colds, eliminate stomach and intestinal cramps, remove the increased excitability of the nervous system, help cope with toothache and cramps. Women have long appreciated chamomile as a means to treat women's diseases - malfunctions of the menstrual cycle, uterine bleeding.

To treat chamomile must be preparedUniversal infusion: 6 spoonfuls of dried camomile flowers pour 500 ml of boiled water, cover with a lid and put in a water bath for 15 minutes. Ready to infuse after cooling, strain, squeeze the raw materials and again bring the volume to 500 ml with water. The healing properties of the infusion can be used for stomatitis and angina as rinses. If there are wounds and ulcers, you can cure them with lotion with chamomile. From colitis, enemas will be relieved. As an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic agent for flatulence, intestinal spasms and diarrhea, half a cup of infusion is taken orally after a meal.

Chamomile for skin care

With the help of chamomile you can improve your skin, andRinse with her light hair will make them golden and silky. Chamomile can cope with almost any cosmetic problem, but best of all it affects the skin of the face, making it beautiful and healthy.

The most common use caseChamomile for the face - steam baths. You need to bend over a hot broth, covering your head with a towel. You need to feel the heat, but it should be pleasant, not burning. For dry and normal skin, 5-7 minutes of treatment will suffice, and for oily skin, the exposure time should be 15 minutes. After the procedure, you need to rinse your face with cool water.

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