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TVER-TOWN: history and sights

Tver-town history and attractions

All cities, which lie on the banks of the Volga, an incredibly beautiful and comfortable.

Each has its own history and its own unique charm of the city.

And if you suddenly want to slowly walk along the embankment of the Volga, your wish can be fulfilled for some 2-3 hours.

Exactly the time it takes the road from Moscow to Tver.

Tver For the first time mentioned in the 1208-1209 biennium. in the Laurentian Chronicle. Up to this point the settlement already existed in the ages 9-10, but did not have a clear title and status. Tver lands were divided between Vladimir, Novgorod and Smolensk principalities. Only after they moved to the Alexander Nevsky, and from it, in turn, to his brother Yaroslav, Tver became big and strong principality. The favorable geographical position enabled the city of Tver quickly develop trade relations, but also to attack the invaders Tver experienced more than once.

The historic center of Tver, in those years was not preserved. First Tver was attacked by Mongol-Tatars. Then Ivan the Terrible in 1569 when he fought against the Novgorod land, and began his march to the defeat of the Tver possessions. In the Time of Troubles Tver has repeatedly been attacked by the Poles.

Constant wars drained the economy of Tver, and shefor a time it lost its influence. But the construction of St. Petersburg and returned to the water system Vyshnevolotskaya Tver role of transit and port center. When Peter Tver actively built up, many buildings have survived - house merchant Aref'eva, where Peter stayed, coming in Tver, a stone Church of the Assumption. But the Kremlin was killed by a fire in 1763, as the central part of the city was made of wood. But in the same year, Catherine issued a decree to build up and ennoble the city.

city ​​plan repeats Petersburg and Versailles ...- This is the architectural method used by builders. Due to the decree of Catherine Tver we see today is this - with a beautiful old center, wide promenade, immersed in greenery. The main buildings of that time can be considered Imperial Travelling palace, designed by M. Kazakov.

The palace served as a place of rest in the royal personagestraveling from St. Petersburg to Moscow. The Empress repeatedly gave the palace receptions and dinner parties, which visited Prince Potemkin and Count Shuvalov, and foreign diplomats. Now the palace is Tver Regional Art Gallery. But the very palace building is in poor condition and maintenance of restoration work to be seen. The facade tarnished and collapsed, cracks in all the walls.

Inside the former luxury decoration is also notpreserved. During the war, the palace housed the German headquarters and in the retreat of his troops set fire. And although the official status of the Palace Museum was in 1961, on his recovery, unfortunately, it had no effect. But you can visit the museum itself, the exhibition there are very interesting.

there is a building next to the palace of the formerreal school, and now here is the Tver State United Museum. Be sure to visit it with your child. There is a very comprehensive collection of exhibits about the life and development of the Tver region, the excavation items, wildlife, all milestones of ancient and modern history. The exposition is not boring, worthy and will be interesting even to a small child.

And when you are overtired from the museums, you canrelax in the city park, which is located directly behind the palace and the museum, on the waterfront. It offers a beautiful view of the Volga river, bridges, churches. In the park you can go, for example, on the Ferris wheel - a breathtaking view. Sami Attractions even the Soviet era, but people, even on the weekend, not many, there are practically no queues. The big drawback of rest may be the lack of a normal café or restaurant.

The park is only open-air cafes, whereit is unclear what to feed the baby. In an alley next to a pizzeria and an Arab cafe. About this place will not say anything, in a cafe, fortunately, I turned and Russian cuisine. Decently and budget, but for the baby, it is better to take a ready-made baby food. Another little tip - in the cafe can not use the toilet only visitors.

After dinner, gain strength, you can makea walk through the city center. Tver so compact that almost all the sights are concentrated in one place and are within walking distance. Leaving the car in the parking lot and took the map of the city (it can be purchased at any newsstand Tver), walk around the city a pleasure.

Ornament Tver area is considered, in whichTver administration building stands - the former provincial board and the Exchequer. Here, in the position of vice-governor he served as Saltykov-Shchedrin. Museum of the writer is on the outskirts of the city, in the house where he lived. There's an exhibition that tells not only of his literary activity, but also on public service.

Tver Region, which is located on the other sideVolga, logically named Zavolzhskii. To get to it can be one of two bridges - the old (. 1900) and new construction (1956). Even walking along the promenade, you will surely notice on the opposite side of the large and unusual monument. Moving to the other side of the Volga, you will be taken to another embankment, not less attractive.

walks by the Centre and the place of wedding celebrationstuples is a monument to Afanasy Nikitin. This well-known merchant and traveler is the unofficial symbol of Tver. He is known by the fact that he traveled to India for thirty years before the country opened Vasco da Gama. However, it managed to Nikitin by chance during a routine shopping trip on his ship was attacked by Tatars and plundered all the goods.

To come back home empty-handed Nikitinwanted and wanting to sell the remaining goods, he began to travel to other commercial vessels on their way to the East. For two years he lived in Iran before he learned about India and went there. The result was a trip Nikitin's travel notes "Journey Beyond Three Seas," in which he detailed and unbiased tells about his adventures in India and about the customs of the country and the people.

On the promenade you can walk to the River Station. From him go on river trips trams. Do not miss the last chance to see all the beauty of the city from the boat, because the navigation season on the Volga is short. By the way, one mooring place, a city park. From it, you can just get on the tour. River Station stick ships engaged on a cruise on the Volga River.

Believe me, these huge ships will not leaveindifferent any child. The station is at the intersection of Tvertsa river (from which the name and the name of the city has gone) and, accordingly, the Volga. On the waterfront you can make beautiful pictures of St. Catherine's convent and Stepan Razin embankment with old buildings. In Zavolzhye there are shrines - Church of the Resurrection and Assumption Cathedral. Construction of the monastery was linked with the name of the first Prince of Tver Yaroslav Yaroslavovych.

By the way, this monastery is due one stableexpression, which we now eat, without thinking about its meaning. In the 15th century, the monastery served as a place of detention for those who disagree with the policy of Ivan the Terrible. One of them was the Metropolitan Philip Kolychev. From the conclusion in the monastery, he wrote letters to Ivan the Terrible, in which he denounced and criticized the king oprichnina. And these letters called "Fil'kin". Since that time and went the phrase "Filkin charter."

If you want to buy some souvenirs withthe symbols of the city, then you will have a very good look. Somehow, this city is difficult and poor. Keep an eye something can only be in the foyer of museums. And the rest of the trip to Tver is a great version of a one-day adventure.

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