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How to turn the desktop screen

How to turn the desktop screen

By default, the orientation of the desktop in Windowslandscape. However, sometimes you may need to rotate the screen 90 degrees, for example, for viewing long web pages or simply as a friendly joke.

Help in this hot key or standard operating system tools.



Manufacturers of graphics cards providedthe ability to turn your desktop into the device settings. If you have Windows XP, click on an empty space on the desktop, right-click and select "Properties". In the Properties window of the "Options" tab, click the "Advanced" button, it opens a window of the monitor connection properties. Navigate to the tab with the name of the graphics card installed on your computer.


Further steps will be slightly different inDepending on what kind of graphics card is installed on your computer. If this is a built-in graphics adapter from Intel, click the "characteristic curves". If your computer is connected to the monitor 2 in a new window, check the right and click "Settings" on the left. In the "Rotate", select the angle of rotation and confirm by pressing OK.


To change the settings, ATI Radeon pressATI Catalyst Control Center and the Control Center in the section "Setting the graphics", click "Display Manager". In the drop-down menu "Turning", select the desired value.


In Windows 7 procedure will be somewhat different. Right-click a blank area of ​​the desktop and select the context menu option "Screen Resolution." In the "screen and screen resolution" check the correct monitor, if they are 2, and in the drop-down "orientation" in the list, specify the desired angle of rotation.


Turn your desktop into all versions of WindowsYou can use hot keys Ctrl + Alt + & larr- or + & uarr - / & rarr - / & darr-. If you are afraid of accidental or intentional use, you can disable these combinations. Right-click on the desktop and select point to "Graphics Options", "Shortcut", "Off.".


Block the ability to rotate the desktop may be another way. Go to the settings management window graphics, as described above, and uncheck "Enable rotation."

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