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How to flip pictures

How to flip pictures

Some pictures are the result of haste or inexperience of the photographer - the image of them is inclined to the left or the right, if not upside down.

Correct this mistake can be using Adobe Photoshop.

You will need

  • - Adobe Photoshop



Start Adobe Photoshop and open it in the photo you want. To do this click on the menu item "File» (File) & gt- «Open» (Open), select the desired file in the new window and click "Open".


Click the menu item "Image» (Image)& Gt- «Image Rotation» (Image rotation). In the list that appears to be a few points. If you need to turn the picture upside down, press the "180 °", if you want to tilt the picture to the left, click on "90 ° counterclockwise" (90 ° CCW) if the right - "90 ° clockwise" (90 ° CW). Also note the items "Flip canvas horizontally» (Flip canvas horizontal) and "Flip Canvas Vertical» (Flip canvas vertical). They can be used in a single click to create a mirror image of the photograph, horizontally and vertically, respectively.


There remains one point - "Shuffle"(Arbitrary). Thanks to him, you can tilt your photos under a certain degree. Click on it and in the input field "Angle» (Angle) select the desired value. Side inclination is set by points «° clockwise» (° CW) ​​and the «° counter-clockwise» (° CCW). Click OK. As you can see, photograph bent at a predetermined angle, and at the same time increase the canvas size to remain visible edges of the image.


To save the result,Click "File" menu (File) & gt- «Save as» (Save as), or use the faster way - hot keys Ctrl + Shift + S. In the new window, type the name of the next file, select Jpeg format and, if you save the results in a folder with the original file and do not want to lose, tick near the item "How to copy» (As a copy). Click "Save" Finally.


With the panel "History" (to open itclick the menu item "Window» (Window) & gt- «History» (History)), you can return to any action that you made earlier. Use it if you have committed some mistake.

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