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How to enable the messaging service


How to enable the messaging service</a>

The Windows messaging serviceInitially, to receive and send administrative notifications and notifications of events of various subsystems (printing, power management, etc.), with the spread of the Internet it was used to send spam.

Therefore, in modern versions of Windows this service is disabled by default.

However, sometimes, for various purposes, you need to enable the messaging service.

You will need

  • - Administrative rights on the local machine.



Open the Services snap-in in the Management ConsoleComputer. Start the console. To do this, enter the control panel by clicking on the "Start" button and selecting "Settings", "Control Panel" in the menu. Go to the "Administration" folder by double-clicking the shortcut with the appropriate name in the control panel window. Find the shortcut "Computer Management". Double-click on it, or select "Open" in the context menu. In the "Computer Management" window that appears, expand the Services and Applications item in the component tree. Highlight the "Services" item. In the right part of the program window, the interface of the necessary snap-ins appears.


In the list of services, find and select an item named "Service Messages". Use the ability to sort the list for faster searches. Click on the title section "Name" to organize the content in alphabetical order.


Open the service control window Messages. Right click on the selected item in the list. In the context menu that appears, select the "Properties" item.


Change the type of service startup Messages. Click on the "Startup type" drop-down list. Select "Auto" if the service should start automatically each time the operating system starts. Select the "Manual" type if the service should be run on demand. Click the Apply button. After completing this action, the "Start" button becomes active.


Enable the service Messages. Click the "Start" button. Wait until the service starts. Click the OK button in the Properties dialog. Close the Computer Management window.


Check if the service is working Messages. Open the cmd command window. Click the "Start" button. Choose "Run" from the menu. In the text box in the window that appears, enter the line cmd. Click OK. Send the test message to your computer. In the shell window, type the following command:
Net send IP_address message_text
Where IP_address is the current network address of the machine, andMessage text is an arbitrary string of characters enclosed in double quotes. If the message was successfully sent, a line with the corresponding text will be displayed in the console, and a window with the sent message will appear on the screen.

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