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How to turn on the local disk

How do I enable local drive

Users often do not have enough capacity of its hard disk for data storage.

Out of this situation - the purchase of an additional hard drive.

Also, a new hard drive can be used as a new local drive on which will be the operating system.

You will need

  • - Distribution of the operating system on the floppy disk
  • - Screwdriver.



Make sure that your power supply unit will suffice for further work with another device. Turn off the computer, remove the bolts holding the housing wall.


Replace the hard drive so that it fell into thethe radius of the cooling action, because hard drives have become hot properties, thus raising overall temperature, which affects the entire operation of the computer.


Secure its position by bolts securelyscrewing to the body on both sides. Connect the ribbon cable extending from the motherboard and the wire from the power supply. Make sure in this case, who is not one of them does not touch the motherboard or video card does not interfere with the cooler and other equipment in the existing configuration.


Close the system cover by screwing itwall with screws. Connect your computer to a power source, turn it on. Initially, the system will not display the new disc in the menu "My Computer".


Open the "Start" menu and click it rightclick on the item "My Computer". Select "Connect disk", then, following the instructions in the menu, format, breakdown, and volume label. Restart the computer.


In order for a new drive to make local,install your operating system and format the old hard drive. Also it is possible not to perform formatting and leaving two operating on a computer system, thus putting the default BIOS to boot from the disc, With the operating system that you preferred to work.


To do this, when you start your computer, pressThe Esc, select the new hard drive in the list of devices, apply the changes and restart the computer. In order to boot from another operating system disc simply re-adjust settings via the same menu itself.

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