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How to turn on the hard disk


How to turn on the hard disk</a>

Purchased a new hard drive requires installation in a computer.

This procedure involves mechanical work? Screw, attach, install drivers and format the disk.

You will need

  • Connecting wires, screwdriver, driver disk



We deal with the model of acquired hardDisk and the connection method. On older models, you need to install a special switch (jumper) between the hard disk terminals so that the operating system understands which one to access first. Modern hard drives connected through the Sata controller do not need this manual configuration.


Open the case of the switched off computer and install the hard drive into a special slot. We fix it with screws and a screwdriver.


We connect the hard drive to the Sata controller on theMotherboard using the wire that comes with the hard drive. Another wire connects the power cable to the hard drive from the computer power supply.


Turn the computer on and wait for the plug & amp-play system to start. It automatically detects a new device and searches for the necessary drivers.

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