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How to turn on the hard drive

How to enable the hard disk

Bought a new hard disk requires the installation of a computer.

This procedure involves mechanical work? fasten, attach, install the drivers and disk formatting.

You will need

  • Connecting wires, screwdriver, CD with drivers



Investigated the model purchased Harddisk and method of connection. On older models need to install a special switch (jumper) between the terminals of the hard disk that the operating system knew which of them should be treated first. Modern hard disks connected via Sata controller, in such manual configuration is not needed.


Open the casing off the computer and install the hard drive in a special connector. Fasten it with screws and screwdrivers.


Connect the hard drive to the Sata controller onmotherboard using wires coming complete with a hard drive. Another wire connects the power cord to the HDD from the computer power supply.


Turn on the computer and wait for the system start plug & amp-play. It automatically detects the new device and will search for the required drivers.

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