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iPhone developers deliberately renounced the possibility of functioning of the application in the background.

However, users of such a decision is clearly not to his liking, so to minimize windows to the IPhone software was invented by a special utility.

You will need

  • - The device iPhone-
  • - Utility Backgrounder-
  • - PC to synchronize with your phone.



This program can be installed from Sydia. Open it, type in the search field on the Backgrounder. This tool is completely free.


You can also download it to your computervia the Internet. To do this, the installer put it in the folder where it will be installed. In no case do not move the folder: iPhone during the next sync will not be able to identify the location of the program.


Connect your mobile device to your computer, thensync it via iTunes. Download the utility of the iPhone in the manual mode. After it is loaded into the phone should not look for an icon among the other icons. Backgrounder has no interface, but because their presence does not mean. To test the efficiency of the product, open the downloaded any application.


To minimize the need to open the program windowpress the Home button and hold it for about 3 seconds. On the screen you will see a message like Backgrounder enabled (the utility is running). You can still run some application and try to roll his window.


To expand a window, working inbackground, and hold the Home 3-4 seconds. Then a message appears slightly different content: Backgrounder disabled (utility stopped).

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