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How to disable the video card on the motherboard

How to disable the video card on the motherboard

From time to time, any graphics card needs to be cleaned from dust.

In its long-term use of clogged fan blades, and it begins to make a noise. Also, dust can lead to malfunction and this will lead to overheating of the graphics card and it fails.

Even if the video card without fan, still dust settles on the radiator.

Then you need to disconnect it from the system board and clean.

You will need

  • - A computer-
  • - Screwdriver.



The following instructions apply only to discretevideo cards. Disconnect power from the computer, then disconnect the video interface monitor. If you do not want to rearrange the system unit to another place, no longer need to disconnect anything. Remove the system cover. In general, the housing cover is secured by two screws, but also on some of these could be clips.


On modern computers to connectgraphics cards using PCI-Express slot. Much less can meet AGP-port. Look in the manual for your motherboard, video card exactly how it is equipped with the connection port. Locate the port on the motherboard. If the instruction is not present, then just get a PCI-Express, or AGP. One of these ports will be precise on your motherboard. The device, which is installed at the port, this is the video card.


The card is attached to the housing with a screw. Also, many modern motherboards are equipped with additional slots for power. They are located on the rear side of the card. If you have such a card, before it is removed from the motherboard, disconnect it from the power cord. Remove this screw. Now take the video card and simply pull it out. Additional efforts fit is not necessary. It should connect easily extracted from the slot. Now the video card is disconnected from the system board.


To install the video card, slideit into the slot and slightly push until it firmly locks into place. If necessary, connect to the video card power. Finally, attach the screw to the chassis. Close the system cover.

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