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How to disable the video card on the motherboard


How to disable the video card on the motherboard</a>

From time to time, any video card needs to be cleaned of dust.

When it is used for a long time, the fan blades become clogged and it starts to make a lot of noise. Also, dust can lead to its failure, and this will lead to overheating of the video card and its failure.

Even if the video adapter is without a fan, the dust still settles on the radiator.

Then you need to detach it from the system board and clean it.

You will need

  • - A computer-
  • - Screwdriver.



The following instructions only apply to discreteVideo cards. Disconnect power from the computer, then disconnect the monitor from the video card interface. If you are not going to rearrange the system unit to another location, you do not need to disconnect anything else. Remove the cover of the system unit. Basically, the cover of the case is fixed with the help of two screws, but also on some of them there can be fixators.


On modern computers to connectThe video card uses the PCI-Express slot. It is much less common to find an AGP port. Look in the instructions to your motherboard, which is the port of the video card it is equipped with. Locate the port on the system board. If there is no instruction, then just find either PCI-Express or AGP. One of these ports will be exactly on your motherboard. The device that is installed in the port, this is the video card.


The video card is attached to the case with a screw. Also, many modern boards are equipped with additional sockets for power supply. They are located on the back of the video card. If you have such a card, before you remove it from the motherboard, disconnect the power cord from it. Unscrew this screw. Now take the video adapter and just pull it on yourself. You do not need to add any additional effort. It should be easily removed from the connection slot. The video card is now disconnected from the system board.


To install the video adapter back, insertIt into the slot and press it slightly until it snaps securely into the slot. If necessary, connect power to the video card. Finally, attach it with a screw to the computer. Close the cover of the system unit.

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