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How to disable the central heating

How to disable the central heating

In our time, when the utilities can not provide appropriate services, including proper heating of residential apartments, many residents move to individual heating.

This raises the need for disconnection from the central.



To carry out works to turn off individual apartments from central heating, do the following:

Contact the organization "Heating network" withdisclaimer of central heating services. Provide the administration documents, which are necessary for the production shutdown, namely the application of the approved forme- documents defining the rights to residential pomeschenie- photocopy of the passport (technical) pomescheniya- written consent of all tenants apartments- as if the home municipality - the written consent of all the tenants - a project of the heating system conversion properly designed.


On the basis of the submitted documents getpermission for refurbishment or refusal in written form, stating the reasons. In case of failure can apply to address your question to the judicial authorities. After receiving the decision, consult with them to specialized services, which, according to the project (under license), will make the necessary repair and construction activities for reconstruction and conversion utilities. Do not perform any work on their own!


After the completion of the transition toindividual heating contact for registration certificate of acceptance to the administration, get the act of acceptance of work on the reconstruction of the premises, take it to an organization that is engaged in registration of real estate. If you do not timely provide the documents on the transition to individual heating, you can continue to make charges for the consumed heat, according to the tariffs and prices.


If you are after reconstruction and transition toindividual heating elements remain central heating (risers, flow and return lines), keep them in accordance with the operating rules and make the necessary arrangements for maintaining them in working order.

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