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How to turn off central heating


How to turn off central heating</a>

In our time, when the housing and communal services can not provide adequate services, including the proper heating of residential apartments, many tenants switch to individual heating.

This makes it necessary to disconnect from the central.



To carry out work on the disconnection of a single apartment from central heating, do the following:

Contact Teploviye SetiA statement on the refusal of central heating services. Provide the administration with the documents necessary for the production of the trip, namely: the application for the approved form-the documents defining the rights to the residential premises-a photocopy of the passport (technical) premises- the written consent of all tenants of the apartment- and if the house is municipal - the written consent of all the tenants of the house - correctly designed project for the conversion of the heating system.


On the basis of the documents provided, you will receivePermission to re-equipment or refusal, written in writing, with justification of the reason. In case of refusal, you can apply to the judicial authorities to resolve your issue. Having received the decision, contact him in specialized services, which, according to the project (in accordance with the license), will make the necessary repair and construction measures for the reconstruction and re-equipment of utilities. Do not do any work yourself!


After the completion of work on the transition toIndividual heating contact for registration of the act of acceptance in administration, receive the certificate of acceptance of works on reconstruction of a premise, take it in the organization which is engaged in the account of objects of the real estate. If you do not provide documents on the transition to individual heating in a timely manner, you can continue to make accruals for the consumed heat, according to the current tariffs and prices.


If you have after reconstruction and transition toIndividual heating remained central heating elements (risers, supply pipelines and return flow), keep them in accordance with the operating rules and make the necessary arrangements to keep them in working order.

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