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How to turn the expectation of the New Year into a holiday for children


How to turn the expectation of the New Year into a holiday for children

Childhood is a fairy tale created by the child's imagination. And the New Year is a wonderful time, when this fairy tale may well become a reality.

Here are some useful tips for caring parents who want to turn the expectation of the New Year and Christmas into a holiday for their kids.



Start preparations for the New Year from the manufactureMagic calendar. It can be issued in the form of a favorite winter character with pockets, which must be filled with small surprises (sweets, souvenirs) and tasks. This calendar will help to saturate the days left before the holidays.


Be sure to write a letter to Santa Claus, betterDo it in advance, because the old wizard must have time to take care of the gifts for all the guys. Send a letter to the address - Vologda region, Veliky Ustyug, Father Frost's Mail.


Together with the children decorate the windows with frosty patterns,Which will give your house a festive entourage. This can be done with the help of gouache or special stained-glass paints. Bright and shiny drawings on the windows will create a New Year's cosiness in the house.


Make your own Christmas toys fromSalted dough. For its preparation, mix 2 cups of flour, a glass of salt and? Glass of water. Make figures in the form of stars, hearts, snowflakes and others. Attach satin ribbons to them and allow to dry for 2 days. After this craft can be painted with gouache or acrylic paints.


Collect a winter bouquet for the holiday. Take the birch twigs and paint them in blue and white tones. Rub the foam on the grater and sprinkle more wet twigs. Such a bouquet will give you and the kids a festive mood.


In the last days before the holidays,A choice of fur-tree toys and ornaments for a Christmas tree and a house. It's time to open the coveted New Year's box, hang a garland, arrange candles and statuettes. It's time for a holiday!

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