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How to turn waiting for New Year's holiday for children

How to turn waiting for New Year's holiday for children

Childhood - a fairy tale, created by the imagination of the child. A new year - a wonderful time, when this tale may well become a reality.

Here are some tips for caring parents, who want to turn the expectation of the New Year and Christmas celebration for the kids.



Start preparing for the New Year from the productionmagic calendar. It can be made into a winter favorite character with pockets to be filled with small surprises (chocolates, souvenirs) and tasks. This calendar will help saturate the events of the days leading up to the holidays.


Be sure to write a letter to Santa Claus, betterdo it in advance, because the old wizard should have time to take care of gifts for all children. Send an email to - Vologda region, Great Ustyug, Mail Santa Claus.


Together with the children decorate the windows frost,which will give your home a festive ambiance. This can be done using gouache or a special stained glass paints. Bright and brilliant figures on the windows in the house create a cozy Christmas.


Make your own Christmas decorations fromsalt dough. To make it, mix 2 cups flour, salt and glass? glasses of water. Make a figure in the shape of stars, hearts, snowflakes and others. Attach them to the satin ribbon and leave to dry for 2 days. After that crafts can be painted in gouache or acrylic paints.


Gather a bouquet of winter for the holiday. Take the birch branches and paint them in blue and white tones. Grate foam and sprinkle still damp twigs. This will give you a bunch of kids and a festive mood.


In the last days before the holidays enjoy aselection of Christmas decorations and ornaments for the Christmas tree and house. It's time to open the coveted Christmas box, hang the garland, place candles and figurines. It's time to party!

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