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How to turn a photo into an embroidery scheme

How to turn a photo into an embroidery scheme

Cross-stitch is an ancient way to decorate clothing, household items and even popular embroidery technique.

The scheme for embroidery cross, and you can create yourself, how to use specialized programs, and graph paper and colored pencils.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - access to the Internet-
  • - Program browser.



Select the photo from which you wantmake a circuit. deal with it in an image editor such as Adobe Photoshop, if necessary: ​​set the desired size, cut, perform color correction, tweak brightness and contrast, add a frame, etc.


Then follow the link to the online service of creating schemes for cross stitch http://www.pic2pat.com/index.ru.html. This site allows you to receive images from any schema with a set of threads of the selected products, as well as with a given image size and scale arrangement of stitches.


Click "Choose File" to selectphoto from which you want to make a circuit. In the window that opens, navigate to the folder with the file photo, click twice or select it and click "Open". Make sure the size of the photo does not exceed four megabytes. Click "Next". Wait for the server to send the photo.


Select the type of thread to be usedin the scheme for embroidery pictures. This system provides a choice of the following manufacturers: DMC, Anchor, Madeira, Venus. Select the desired number of stitches per centimeter - from 3.1 to 7.1. The higher the value, the more realistic embroidery get a result from this figure depends on the density of the future picture.


Next, select the embroidery size of 5x4 cm to 60h45cm. Also, the selected photo will be shown in this window. After selecting the settings, click "Next" to continue creating embroidery schemes from the photo.


Select the desired scheme in the next window ofpresented on the screen. The diagrams differ in the number of flowers, left click on the appropriate scheme you. Automatically starts loading scheme in pdf format on your computer. Creating a scheme for cross stitch pictures from completed.

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