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Tsvetotip: what it is, a woman fall?

Tsvetotip: what it is, a woman fall?

Why does the same thing some woman makes brighter, and the other gives a painful look?

Because the color or shade of things are not suitable for tsvetotipu appearance.

Knowing their successful palette of shades, errors in the choice of clothes can be avoided.

The most striking of all is considered tsvetotip "Autumn". Such women are not lost even in the absence of makeup, they emit bright eyes and hair.

Signs of autumn tsvetotipa

Woman and autumn is warm skin undertone. The complexion of peach or golden hue. With the advent of the sun skin is often covered with freckles.
Hair color can range from pale golden to brown. Whether light or dark hair, they are always with a reddish tint or copper sheen, which is noticeable in the sun.
Eye color may be different: bright blue, emerald, green, brown, gold and rich brown.

Wardrobe woman autumn

When choosing clothes woman and autumn should be chosenwarm colors. Against the background of the natural beauty of sparkle brighter, effectively highlighting a woman from the crowd. To identify successful shades, you need only look around in the autumn season.
Under the feet of a wide palette of bright goldento red, brown and rust tones. Lush green olive and pine color, shades of khaki. Autumn sky before a thunderstorm kerosene or dark blue. Nature itself dictates which colors for women autumn suit best.
Women with autumn tsvetotip perfect whimsical colors such as bright orange, mustard yellow and corn.
From a pure black and white woman and autumn should be abandoned and replaced them with chocolate and cream. It is also recommended to avoid the cold, gray and pink colors.
Choosing accessories is better to opt for gold, copper and wooden ornaments. Women Autumn suit challenging stacked necklaces, long earrings, big necklaces.
The bag should choose brown or beigecolors, and around his neck - a chic painted scarf. Sunglasses should be a brown glass, gradient possible. Frame should be selected warm brown, golden or copper shades, let the leopard.

Makeup woman autumn

Tone Cream should be warm golden midtone. When choosing blush, prefer peach, brown and red tones.
In combination with red hair will be finelook shade of greenish hues. Also for autumn tsvetotipa suit golden, beige, peach, copper and purple shadows. Lipstick Shades: warm red, brown, aubergine.
Autumn women are very bright and charismatic by nature. Warm, cozy fabrics and correct colors reveal their inner "I", and the light make-up will give a charm.

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