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TRENDS: paint your nails in different colors

Trends: paint your nails in different colors

Multicolored manicure is popular not only among adolescents but also among adult women.

This is a great opportunity to show their individuality and positive emotions.

Multicolored manicure - this is fashion trend of 2013, which is held at the peak of popularity for the second year. Among a wide variety of ideas manicure every girl will find an option to your liking.

Manicure style Ombre

This manicure is called monochrome. This is a smooth stretch of the same color from the darkest shade to light. For example, from deep purple to pale lilac.
It makes this manicure is very simple: nails should differ by one or two shades. To each time not to buy five different varnishes, nail polish can be purchased in white and the darkest shade of your favorite color nail polish. Mixing them and gradually increasing the proportion is quite possible to create your own palette of five colors.
Style Ombre can be considered universal. The bright color of this manicure is a perfect completion of the festive image. Shades of gray and brown and beige color scheme would be appropriate to work in the office.

Gradient manicure

A smooth transition from one color to another in theeach nail individually called gradient manicure. Most often used for this purpose contrasting combination lacquers, for example, blue and orange, purple and yellow, etc. Choosing pastel shades, nail polish will not be as challenging.
To make the gradient manicure, you need to mixPalette two selected colors by performing a smooth transition between them. Then, using a sponge, apply this stretch on the nail. A cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover should carefully remove excess paint from the skin and apply a finger on the nail transparent fixing cover.

Manicure on Feng Shui

In the philosophy of Feng Shui, each finger on the hand isits meaning. Singling out any nails brighter than the other, it is possible to influence their own destiny. The main rule: multicolored nails should be only on the right hand, as it attracts positive energy.
isolated nails can be seen most often onmiddle and ring fingers. According to Feng Shui it means happiness and career success. Therefore fashion trend wedding manicure - to allocate the ring finger of his right hand drawing or rhinestones are not just a decorative sense.
Any manicure attracts attention, and brightmulticolored manicure striking much stronger. Before you start to create beauty on the nails, they must be carefully prepared: to shape, remove cuticles, polish and degrease.

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