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Trend shape sunglasses. Summer 2014

Trend shape sunglasses. Summer 2014

Summer is coming and the sun more often delights us with its warmth. But, despite the fact that the day-star is always highly anticipated, eyes from him, we still hide behind his glasses.

It is good for health, and, in addition, it can be very stylish.



Designers are increasingly turning to fashion trendsprevious years. For example, the rounded shape come from 20-30 years of the last century. Now they are at the peak of popularity among many famous fashion designers. The second stylish retro greetings from 50-60 years - it points form "cat's eye". Variants of these models very much - wider, narrower, with different rims, there is a choice for every taste.


Fashion is changing and "Aviator" sunglasses are always popular. This season, they also do not hand over their positions. Also left on the mirror fashion. It can be presented on the glasses of any type and form, but still more often they take the form of "The Aviator." In this case the lens often colored or metallic color.


Another popular theme in vogue - Futurism. It is characterized by colored rectangular rims and mirrored lenses. If you are not afraid to try on the role of a guest from the future - then go for it.


Format 3D penetrated not only in the Moviescomputer games, many designers have paid attention to it and created sunglasses, repeating its shape 3D glasses. This form will surely attract far each mod.


Much more fans will find plasticglasses. Home You are here - it's translucent frame pastel colors. At the amateur - heavier visually massive frame of dark tones. The main advantage of these glasses is their lightness and flexibility. They are not put pressure on the temples and nose.


Long live diversity and brightness. This is the motto of the summer 2014. Designers offer to suit all tastes square, rectangular, rectangular with rounded edges of the frame. Miniature or vice versa all over his face. The colors, the brighter, the better - red polka dots, orange, striped, bright yellow or last squeak «color block», which implies a different color handles, eyeglass frames and lenses.


Also in fashion decorative ornaments on the glasses. This may be a frame or a snake crocodile skin, rhinestones on the rim pattern on the lens, all kinds of flowers and beads.

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