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treatment of wounds and hollows in trees

The care is needed not only ornamental or fruit trees, but also those that are easy to grow in the garden area.

If left untreated wounds and hollow, then once the trees may die.

If there was a dead bark, it on the treerecommended immediately removing, stripping to healthy wood. After the tree trunk is well cleaned, it should be treated with a solution of iron sulphate. For this purpose, 10 l of water diluted with 500 g. The treated area should be to cover a mixture of clay and mullein.

There is another method of treating wood. In this case, use the bark, taken from the trimmed unnecessary branches during sap flow. This procedure needs to be done very quickly, it is important that the edges of the wound and the transplanted area coincided. Cut a piece applied to the trimmed seat and wrapped with burlap tightly tying a place with a rope and then coated with mixtures of clay and mullein.

If the tree hollow formed in the firstall you need to clean it from dead tissue. We clean up the hollow of healthy wood. You can use the scraper or chisel. If the extracted wood is moist enough, the purified hollow left free cable for a few days to dry. When the hollow ready for further work, laying gravel or broken bricks into it, and then fill with cement mortar. If the wound is quite deep in a tree, but a small diameter, they can score a wooden plugs and to cover the garden with putty.

Sometimes the severity of the crop or heavy snowbreaks branches are formed in the trees. To remedy the situation, twigs fastened a soft wire or a strong rope, put it on a pre-branches above the tear bandage burlap.

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