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How to treat wounds and hollows in trees


Treatment of wounds and tree stupidity</a>

In need of care not only decorative or fruit trees, but also those that simply grow on the garden plot.

If you do not heal wounds and hollows, then once the trees can die.

If a dead bark appeared on the tree, itsIt is recommended to immediately remove, cleaning to healthy wood. After the tree trunk is well cleaned, it should be treated with a solution of iron sulfate. To do this, in 10 liters of water dilute 500 g of substance. Then the treated area should be covered with a mixture of clay and mullein.

There is another way to treat the tree. In this case, use the bark taken from the cut off unnecessary branch during sap flow. This procedure should be done very quickly, while it is important that the edges of the transplanted area and the wound coincide. The cut piece is put on a cleaned place and wrapped with sackcloth, tightly tying this place with a rope, and then smeared with a mixture of clay and mullein.

If a tree is formed on the tree, firstTurn, you need to clean it from dead tissue. Clean the hollow to healthy wood. For this, you can use scrapers or chisels. If the wood to be extracted is sufficiently wet, then the cleaned hollow is left for a few days unworked for drying. When the hollow is ready for further work, rubble or broken brick is poured into it, and then it is poured with cement mortar. If the wounds on the tree are rather deep, but of small diameter, then they can be clogged with wooden plugs and covered with garden putty.

Sometimes due to the severity of the harvest or from heavy snowOn the trees faults of branches are formed. To fix the situation, the branches are fastened with a soft wire or strong rope, having previously put a bandage from the burlap on the branches above the tear.

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