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How to treat the plague of birds

How to treat the plague of birds

The plague of birds - an acute infectious disease, which can be susceptible to all kinds of domestic and wild birds, related to the order of chicken.

This disease has a pronounced characteristic symptoms that require immediate action by the owner of the bird.

Sources of the infection and symptoms of fowl plague

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Birds Plague cause filterable virus strains Aand B, which are found in all tissues and organs of the sick birds stand out with feces and secretions from the nose. The viruses are unstable and are usually killed after 2 minutes after heating to 70 ° C, however they are dried blood can be stored for seven months.

A virus strain causes a typical plague, and B strains of the virus - atypical. Both of these species are very similar to each other as the clinical signs, and the end result.

The main source of infection is sickpoultry, which, when bad faith against the owners can carry plague during transport to the safe area. Healthy individuals can easily catch the disease as through infected food, water, tools or pen. Infection of healthy birds going through the conjunctiva and mucous membranes, digestive tract, damaged skin.
Duration of the disease is betweenseveral hours to 8 days. The incubation period - within a week. In diseased poultry plague observed in body temperature 43oS area palpitations and shortness of breath, redness and dark spots on the crest and beard. The infected individual is sitting hunched, eyes closed and feathers ruffled. From the beak and nostrils, she can be released viscous bloody mucus. Subsequently, the bird may occur seizures twisting head and nerve palsy. After that sick animals are killed.

Diagnose plague in poultry on the basis of clinical signs, ehpizootologicheskij data, pathology and laboratory studies.

After opening at the dead of the plague of bird is usually found subcutaneous tissue edema in the chest, head, neck and legs. Swelling and inflammation of the lungs, enlarged thyroid and thymus.

Measures to combat the plague of birds

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Unfortunately, the bird deaths from the plague is100% - a vaccine to treat the disease has not yet been invented. On the farm where the infected bird was found impose quarantine. Sick animals compulsorily killed and then burned together with the remains of feed and manure. Care items, equipment and facilities are subjected to disinfection.
In large poultry farms suspected ofinfection, be sure to vaccinate and divided into isolated groups. Then subjected to a clinical examination every four days. During the quarantine action of the economy not only prohibited to export poultry and poultry products, especially for the sale.

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