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How to treat an anomaly Kimerli

How to treat an anomaly Kimerli

Anomaly Kimerli is a pathological change in the structure of the cervical vertebra.

The disease is the presence of additional bone arch, which greatly restricts the movement of the vertebral artery, thereby causing compression syndrome.

Because of this, patients have a large number of unpleasant symptoms.


The anomaly is characterized by frequent Kimerlidizziness and constant tinnitus. Patients are observed disturbances in gait and coordination problems, frequent and regular point of blackout. In some cases, loss of consciousness occurs, there are memory disorders and sudden muscle weakness occurs. Against the background of these symptoms appear emotional and motor disorders, increases the risk of ischemic stroke. Diagnosis of the disease is carried out by X-ray of the spine. Sometimes it used magnetic resonance angiography and duplex scanning.


Treat anomaly Kimerli begin ifspecific symptoms and clinical signs of disease. Patients undergoing therapy should follow some precautions to avoid symptoms worsening. Thus, patients are advised to avoid heavy physical exertion, sharp turns his head, tumbling and sports games that are associated with head blows or active movements of the body.

To relieve the symptoms of the patient is assigned to manual therapy and massage of the cervical spine.

In the treatment usually appliedconservative treatment, which is carried out when the signs of vascular insufficiency. Prescribe drugs that are aimed at improving blood flow ( "Sermion", "Devinkan", "Cavintonum"). During treatment the patient is regularly appointed to monitor the coagulation of blood clotting and avoid the appearance of blood clots. Also prescribe drugs that improve blood realogicheskie properties ( "Pentoxifylline," "Trental"). The antioxidants are widely used therapy, neuroprotective, nootropic drugs (for improving cerebral functions), and metabolic medication (e.g., "Pyracetam", "Pikamilon" etc.).

After removal of the vertebral appointed wearing Schantz collar for up to 1 month for faster recovery.

Surgical intervention is used veryrarely and only in the case where the desired effect can not be achieved during the conservative treatment, with the patient's health is in serious jeopardy. As a rule, the removal of abnormal arc is used when a decompensated vertebral artery syndrome, which causes a lack of blood flow and leads to a lack of collateral blood supply to the brain.
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