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How to treat swollen lymph nodes in the cat

How to treat swollen lymph nodes in the cat

Loving owner is not only important to caress a cat, but to feel it for inflammation. For thick hair can detect the appearance of bumps, increased enforcement.

Especially if the general condition of the animal does not cause problems.

Treatment for inflamed lymph nodes in a cat requires care.

Causes and symptoms of inflammation of the lymph nodes

To indicate the inflamed lymph nodes term used lymphadenopathy. Inflammation may occur due to infection and cancer.
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If lymph nodes are having problems because ofinfection, the disease is called lymphadenitis. When inflammation of the body began in lymph nodes adjacent to the affected organ, often increase. For example, if a cat struck the gums, it is usually increased submandibular lymph nodes and tonsils.
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Also it causes can be viruses, bacteria and parasites (worms). In this case, the goal of treatment - annihilation.
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Pairs or single increase occurs in disorders in the metabolism, lowering immunity and injuries.
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If the lymph nodes of the animal increased mass, you need to donate blood. these symptoms may be when leykosarkome and leukemia, but the disease can not be recognized without analysis.
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Other symptoms depend on the organ or partthe body in which disease is developing. When Bole throat cat may be reluctant to take food, coughing and drooling. Some of these symptoms may be due to inflamed lymph nodes, because they interfere with swallowing.
If infected cats paws willobserved an increase in the lymph nodes along the animal's paws. It may appear limp. And the reason for this is not so much pain in the limbs themselves as painful reaction to the inflamed lymph nodes.
Lymphadenitis usually not dangerous for cats. Naturally, the subject of early detection and treatment. When the disease is cured, the lymph nodes returned to its normal state.

lymphadenitis treatment in cats

Choose an effective treatment can only ascertain the cause of the disease. Therefore, the first thing to do - is to diagnose correctly. To do this, should contact the veterinary clinic.
If the infection is bacterial in nature,appointed antibiotics, which is sensitive to this type of bacteria. If swollen lymph nodes caused by a fungal infection, the antifungal drugs are used.
When a viral infection treatment must appoint a physician. The choice of the drug affects the state of pathogens and inflammation. Most often it is bruneometsin.
With deteriorating condition of the animal (difficulty in breathing, temperature and apathy), he prescribed hormones.

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