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How to treat stress


How to treat stress</a>

Stress is the body's reaction to some strong mental impact. It is not for nothing that this word is translated as "pressure."

In addition, it is a process that has several stages: anxiety, resistance, exhaustion.



You just experienced a great shock -Sorrowful or joyful - it does not matter. Under the influence of the factor causing stress, you have an ancient escape mechanism in your body. So our ancestors did when they were in danger. The pulse is increased, the pressure is increased. Adrenal glands begin to produce adrenaline. A special blow comes from the stomach, and stomach acid begins to erode its walls. This is why a severe ulcer can occur within a few hours. So try to do the following.


Direct the escape mechanism in the right direction - arrange a real run. Do any exercise or physical work around the house.


To prevent ulcers, drink tea with milk, mineral alkaline water, broth. For the heart and blood vessels are useful breathing exercises: breathing in - holding your breath - exhaling at the expense of five.


Do not "treat" stress with smoking and alcohol. This will cause additional stress and aggravate the situation.


The second stage for the body is more favorable. It occurs only when the stress of the stressor continues. All the defenses of the body work well, you feel able to roll up the mountain. There is a great danger here: the mobilization of all forces will sooner or later lead to their demobilization. Therefore, it is better to continue all the activities described above. And work on eliminating the stressor. In this you will help a psychologist.


The stage of exhaustion creeps up when youIgnored all that is written above. And this is already fraught. First of all, somatic diseases. They can not be listed, for it is known that all diseases are from nerves. In addition, depression can develop. And here you can not do without specialists. And yet, to which doctor you would not turn, look at the root - look for a stressor. It's a pity, but it is at the stage of exhaustion that a person finally realizes that he has stress.

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