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How to treat stress

Stress - a reaction to some strong mental effects. No wonder the word is translated as "pressure".

Furthermore, a process which has several stages: anxiety, resistance, attrition.



You have just experienced a great shock -sad or joyful - it does not matter. Under the influence of factors causing stress in your body runs the ancient mechanism of escape. So did our ancestors, when they were in danger. Quickens the pulse, blood pressure rises. The adrenal glands begin to produce adrenaline. Special blow falls on the stomach, and the stomach acid begins to eat away at its walls. That is why high levels of stress ulcer may occur within a few hours. So try to do the following.


Aim escape mechanism in the right direction - arrange a real run. Perform any exercise or physical chores.


To prevent ulcers drink tea with milk, mineral alkaline water, broth. For the heart and blood vessels are useful breathing exercises: inhale - holding your breath - breathe out to the count of five.


In no case do not "treat" the stress by smoking and alcohol. This will cause additional stress and exacerbate the situation.


The second stage is more favorable for the organism. It occurs only when the impact of the stressor continues. All the body's defenses working well, you feel able to move mountains. Here lies the great danger: the mobilization of all forces sooner or later lead to their demobilization. It is better to keep all the activities described above. And work on removing the stressor. This will help the psychologist.


Stage exhaustion creeps up when youignoring everything that is written above. And it is fraught. First of all, physical illness. They are impossible to list, since it is known that all diseases - from nerves. In addition, depression may develop. And then, without professionals can not do. And yet, for you had not asked what the doctor sees the root - look stressor. It is a pity, but it is on the stage of exhaustion man finally realizes that his stress.

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