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How to treat skin elbows at home

Skin Care on elbows

Dry, scaly, wrinkled skin elbows - it is quite common.

The reason for this may be: unbalanced diet (hence - lack of vitamins), the wrong skin care in this area or its complete absence, age-related changes, or the habit of constantly rely on your elbows, sitting at the table.

Caring for the elbows skin at home
To the skin became smooth, it wassoft and supple, her needs constant care. Each time, taking a bathroom, you must rub elbows hard sponge, then - spread fat nutritious cream. If this is not enough, you need more radical methods of skin care elbows.
Mix baking soda or powdered seasalt with liquid soap (1: 1), to rub elbows with the mixture. Then - to put any natural oil (almond, sesame) 2 cotton pads and primotat 20 minutes to the elbows. Such procedures need to be repeated a couple of times a week at night.
Take an apple, cut into 2 parts, to getmidway from the bones, chop the flesh with a knife directly in the skin. In the resulting "cups" to load your elbows on 12-15 minutes, then - wash thoroughly and lubricate your favorite cream or butter. Instead of apples, you can take the orange or grapefruit, but they are better suited very rough elbow skin.
If there are cracks on the elbows, they must bewipe decoctions of herbs 3-6 times per day (depending on the degree of damage to the skin). Take a tablespoon - series, mint and chamomile pour boiling water and infuse for 40 minutes, after - strain through cheesecloth. During the day, wipe this infusion elbows. The resulting broth is stored in the refrigerator for 3 days.
When choosing a cream, it is necessary to pay special attentionthe presence of vitamins, responsible for the good condition of the skin - E A. If that is not enough, you should take extra vitamins with food.
If there is a need to bring the skin cubitsorder by the evening, then, a simple recipe: take glacial acetic acid, glycerol, hydrochloric acid (all sold in a pharmacy) and honey in the ratio 1: 3: 1: 4, all thoroughly and apply on your elbows. After 3 minutes, the mixture and rinse the skin with any oil spread.

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