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How to treat phobias

How to treat phobias

Phobia - a hypertrophied sense of fear induced by an imaginary threat.

Reasonable sense of fear is useful, it helps to mobilize at the real threat.

Phobias can also turn life into a nightmare.

A person suffering from this mental disorder can not live fully as forced all the time to hide from the fictional danger.

Who is afraid of enclosed space, someone - public speaking, someone - spiders.

There is also a kind of phobia - afobofobiya in which a person is afraid of the lack of phobias.



Try at a meeting with a source of fearswitch the negative thoughts to positive. For example, when cynophobia (fear of dogs) do not need to represent an animal as a source of danger, and to think that a dog may bite. Keep your mind on the fact that the animal sits on the chain and can not be broken.


Fight your fear, gradually approachingto him. This does not mean that when arachnophobia (fear of spiders) you have on the first day to start poking around in the web with a large spider in the center. Initially, in the presence of a loved one treat pictures with arachnids. When it ceases to cause terror, try to look from afar at the dead spider. Gradually reduce the distance. Over time you will learn how to approach the spider alive and may even be able to touch it. Remember that treatment with this method is time consuming, but with daily activities within a few months you will cope with their phobia.


Try to escape in an encounter with the sourcefear. Sing, read, talk - do anything that will help change the mind and not think about the fact that somewhere near you is a frightening object or phenomenon.


Move with a source of fear. Exercise helps to burn off excess adrenaline, produced during the panic. If you can not walk or run, squeeze and relax the muscles.


Talk to your doctor about the destinationpsychotropic drugs. In half the cases antidepressants help to cope with phobias. Tranquilizers in conjunction with psychotherapy give almost perfect result.

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