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How to treat phobias


How to treat phobias</a>

Phobia is a hypertrophied fear, caused by an imagined danger.

A reasonable sense of fear is useful, it helps to mobilize forces under a real threat.

Phobias can make life a nightmare.

A person suffering from this mental disorder can not fully live, because he is always hiding from a fictitious danger.

Someone is afraid of closed space, someone - public speaking, someone - spiders.

There is also a kind of phobia - aphobobobia, in which a person is afraid of no phobias.



Try to meet the source of fearSwitch negative thoughts to positive ones. For example, with kinophobia (fear of dogs), it is not necessary to represent an animal as a source of danger and to think about what a dog can bite. Concentrate your thoughts on the fact that the animal sits on a chain and can not break.


Fight with your fear, gradually approachingto him. This does not mean that with arachnophobia (fear of spiders), you must start picking on the web the first day with a large spider in the center. At first, in the presence of a close person, consider pictures with arachnids. When this ceases to cause horror, try from a distance to look at the dead spider. Gradually reduce the distance. Over time, you will learn how to approach a living spider and perhaps even touch it. Remember that treatment with this method takes a long time, but with daily sessions in a few months you will cope with your phobia.


Try to get distracted when you meet the sourceFear. Sing, read, talk - do whatever it takes to switch thoughts and not think that somewhere near you is an object or phenomenon that frightens you.


Move at the sight of the source of fear. Physical exercise helps burn excess adrenaline produced during a panic attack. If there is no way to walk or run, squeeze and relax the muscles.


Consult your doctor about the appointment.Psychotropic drugs. In half the cases, antidepressants help cope with phobias. Tranquilizers in combination with psychotherapy give almost a 100% result.

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