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How to treat seizures


Zaeda, or the medical language angularStomatitis, is a dental disease, manifested in the form of cracks in the corners of the mouth. The causative agent of this disease is most often streptococci and fungi of the genus Candida.

To promote the emergence of attacks may alsoLack of vitamins in the body (beriberi), metabolic diseases, for example, diabetes mellitus, antibiotic treatment, HIV infection, incorrect bite and even allergies.

Before starting to treat seizures, it is necessary to conductDiagnosis of the causes of this disease, for this it is better to consult a specialist. Bacterioscopic examination will determine the causative agent and will exclude another dermatological disease, for example syphilis.

How to treat seizures? You can answer this question if you know exactly the cause of this disease. Nevertheless, there is a list of standard recommendations for the treatment of this ailment, following which you can quickly and effectively conduct treatment:

  1. If the seizures are a consequence of the fungus,Then it is necessary to resort to the help of antifungal drugs. Today pharmacies provide a wide selection of such drugs. It is important to choose a remedy taking into account the characteristics of the disease and your sensitivity to the components of the medication. You should also pay attention to your diet: exclude from the diet acute, sour, sweet and salty.
  2. When vitamin deficiency should start taking vitamin medications or enter into your diet more foods containing riboflavin and vitamins, especially vitamin B2.
  3. If a connection occurs due to an incorrectBite or problems in the oral cavity, it is necessary to deal with the elimination of these causes: to carry out the treatment of caries, to remove non-qualitative prostheses or crowns, to get rid of tartar and plaque.
  4. For rapid healing of cracks and wounds on the lips, use olive or linseed oil, as well as tea tree oil. An excellent solution is also an oil solution of vitamin E.

To prevent the occurrence of seizures,Use protective hygienic lipstick, especially in the cold season and in windy weather, observe hygiene rules, monitor the condition of the mouth, properly care for the prosthesis, monitor the diet and eat foods that contain enough vitamins.

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