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How to treat perleches


Zayed, or in medical terms angularstomatitis, is a dental disease, which manifests itself in the form of cracks in the corners of rta.Vozbuditelem this disease often appear streptococci and fungi genus Candida.

To promote the emergence of Zayed can alsolack of vitamins in the body (beriberi), metabolic diseases such as diabetes, antibiotics, HIV infection, malocclusion, and even allergies.

Before you start to treat perleches need to spenddiagnose the causes of this disease, it is better to consult a specialist. Bacterioscopic study will identify the pathogen and will prevent other dermatological diseases, such as syphilis.

How to treat perleches? To answer this question is to know exactly what the cause of this disease. Nevertheless, there is a list of standard recommendations for the treatment of this disease, which can be carried out following the treatment quickly and efficiently:

  1. If perleches are a consequence of the defeat of the fungus,it is necessary to resort to antifungal drugs. Today pharmacies provide a wide range of such products. It is important to choose a means of taking into account the characteristics of the disease and your sensitivity to the components of the drug. You should pay attention to your diet: eliminate from the diet of spicy, sour, sweet and salty.
  2. When vitamin deficiency should start taking vitamin pills, or enter into your diet more products containing riboflavin and vitamins, especially vitamin B2.
  3. In the event of Zayed due to incorrector bite problems in the oral cavity, should address these causes: conduct caries treatment, eliminate non-quality dentures or crowns, get rid of tartar and plaque.
  4. For fast healing of cracks and sores on the lips, use olive oil or flaxseed oil, as well as tea tree oil. An excellent tool is also an oily solution of vitamin E.

To prevent the appearance should ZayedWear protective hygienic lipstick, especially in the cold season and in windy weather, to observe the rules of hygiene, monitor the condition of the oral cavity, the right to care for dentures, follow the diet and eat foods that contain adequate amounts of vitamins.

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