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Lips - 2 is the outer skin folds oral often pink.

Lips, as well as any human body aretheir illnesses, they are very sensitive, and appearance you can identify some human diseases, so for them also need to look carefully and in case of illness treated immediately.

Main diseases of the lips, their causes and treatment.

Herpes - a viral disease, whichsubject to almost all the population of the Earth. This virus sits almost in every person and can for a long time did not manifest itself. Symptoms: lips appear pruritic vesicles, the disease is contagious and can be transmitted by kissing, a common towel, lipstick. The cause of the disease: sore throat, flu, severe emotional disorders, decreased immunity, bad habits, overwork the body. If you experience these symptoms, you need to treat lips. This disease can be easily treated and effective against herpes ointment Zovirax is, it must be applied to the affected areas of the lips several times a day and in a few days will be itchy blisters. Folk remedies: chamomile extracts, extracts of birch buds. Do lotions from chamomile to the affected areas, and also take into the infusion for a speedy withdrawal of the inflammatory process. When itching helps oil of lemon balm. But if herpes is not passed more than 10 days to see a doctor for a more thorough treatment.

Zayed & ndash- small cracks in the corners of the mouth. Most often they occur in people with false dentures and children. Symptoms of the disease: first in the corners of the lips appears redness, and then small cracks. If time does not begin treatment may have crusts and bleeding ulcers. The cause of the disease & ndash- lack of vitamin B2. Zayed treated by removing the causative agent of the disease, which may be in tartar defective crowns or dentures. In this disease will help vitamin complexes, the infusion of rose hips. It is necessary to eat more fruits and vegetables. Lubricating, perleches garlic juice or juice of plantain they can go, and helps sintomitsinovaja ointment. In order to avoid facing the disease of the lips, it is necessary to follow the oral hygiene.

To avoid serious diseases, such as lip cancer, you need time to heal lips and treat diseases of the lips very seriously.

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