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How to treat joints


The causes of joint pain can be many.

These include circulatory disorders of the bones, consequences after severe trauma, a metabolic disorder in the body due to which salts are deposited in the joints.

Pain in the joints can be manifested: when walking or just when you are sitting, and also the joints look swollen and sometimes hot to the touch.

In order to treat joints it is necessary to understand,What is your nature of the disease. Arthritis & ndash is a simple inflammation of the joint. Arthrosis - leads to the destruction of articular cartilage with inflammation. Remember, if you have joint pain, do not delay treatment for later, because the disease can spread throughout the body over time.

Having decided on the disease, you needStart treatment, for this you can use methods of conservative therapy with medications, special exercises, physical effects, as well as physiotherapy methods. If these types of treatment do not help, which is extremely rare, then surgical intervention is necessary. All of the above methods of treatment can be divided into two main types.

First, you need to choose the drugs, and there are many of them that relieve inflammation, reduce pain, and also discomfort.

The second is methods of maintaining yourMusculoskeletal system, to be more exact physical exercises or hodoprotectors, they reduce the manifestation of pain in the joints, and also protect your cartilage from destruction.

The most effective way to treat joints is to use both treatments, because together they will give you a quick result, your pain will pass and you will feel relieved.

You can also use a decoction of the rootsRose hips, for its preparation you will need the roots of dog rose, preferably thin. They should be finely chopped and insisted for 3 weeks in a glass of vodka (0.5L). Strain the broth and for the first 3 days take one tablespoon three times a day, and then 3 tablespoons three times a day. The pain will go away and you will immediately feel better.

It is best to prevent the onset of pain inJoints and deposits of salts in them. To do this, you need to spend a little time on sports. Simple morning exercises, stretch marks and running are the best ways to prevent salt deposits in the joints. It is also useful to go for a massage. It helps to improve blood circulation, including the patient's joint. Active and athletic way of life is your best way against joint pain.

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