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How to treat hormonal failure in a cat


How to treat hormonal failure in a cat</a>

Some people believe that the cat's body isCompared with the human is quite primitive. In fact, the cat also has a complex endocrine system, and sometimes these cute animals can have hormonal disruptions.

How to identify them, what are they dangerous, and most importantly - how to treat a cat that has "rebelled" hormones?

Unfortunately, in the same way as in humans, in catsThere are problems in the endocrine system. They need to be identified in a timely manner, diagnosed and prescribed the right treatment, otherwise the quality of life of the animal is significantly deteriorated. By what signs can you determine that your pet has a hormonal failure?

Symptoms of hormonal failure in a cat

There are a number of features that should beMake the cat master suspect that his pet has a hormonal failure. First of all, this is a sharp increase in the amount of water you drink, and, accordingly, frequent urination. The most disturbing symptoms that can indicate some or other endocrine disorders in the animal's body are severe obesity or, conversely, a sharp weight loss. Often, the cat begins to drop hair, up to complete baldness in some parts of the body - the so-called alopecia areata. The most severe consequences of hormonal failure in a cat are tumors, both benign and malignant.
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Causes of endocrine abnormalities in a cat

The cause of diabetes can be a prolongedOverfeeding of the animal. Problem number 1, which leads to deviations in the endocrine system of the animal's body, were and remain hormonal preparations that many hosts give their cats during their sexual hunting. Such drugs cause great harm to the animal and can even lead to oncological diseases. If you do not plan to breed cats, and your pet is not a purebred pedigree animal, it is much more humane to sterilize it, and not to stuff tablets and drops.
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How to treat hormonal failure in a cat

If the vet doctor concluded that the cat lacksSome kind of natural hormone - diagnosed with "hypothyroidism" - then competent substitution therapy guarantees a long life for your pet. Most often, the cat is given a lifelong reception of hormonal preparations, on which her well-being depends. In other respects, the animal can be called almost completely healthy.
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If a cat has diabetes of an insulin-dependent type, then it is administered daily insulin injections at a vet-adjusted dosage.
In the event that the disease has gone far and at the catTumors developed - most often they occur on the mammary glands and ovaries - surgical treatment is indicated. Simultaneously with the operation to remove neoplasms, sterilization of the animal is carried out. In most cases, recurrence of endocrinological disease does not occur.
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If an animal with some pathology in the endocrineThe system receives in a timely manner the correct doses of the necessary drugs and is under the supervision of a competent specialist, then it will with a high degree of probability live a long and happy life.
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