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How to treat hormonal failure in cats

How to treat hormonal failure in cats

Some people think that the body catCompared with the human rather primitive. In fact, the cat everything else has a complex endocrine system, and sometimes these lovely animals can be hormonal disruptions.

As they reveal what they are dangerous, and most importantly - than to treat a cat that has "mutinied" hormones?

Unfortunately, just like humans, catsproblems occur in the endocrine system. They should promptly identify, diagnose and prescribe the proper treatment, otherwise the quality of life of the animal deteriorates significantly. On what grounds can determine that your pet hormonal failure?

Symptoms of hormonal failure in cats

There are a number of features that shouldget cat owner suspects that his pet hormonal failure occurred. First, a sharp increase in the amount of water drunk, and therefore, frequent urination. The most troubling symptoms that may be indicative of those or other endocrine disturbances in the body of an animal - a strong obesity or, conversely, severe weight loss. Often the cat begins to fall coat, until complete baldness in certain areas of the body - the so-called alopecia areata. The most severe consequences of hormonal failure in a cat - a tumor is benign or malignant.
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Causes of endocrine abnormalities in cats

The cause of diabetes can be prolongedoverfeeding the animal. Problem №1, which leads to abnormalities in the endocrine system of the body of the animal, were and still are hormones that many owners give their cats during their estrus. These drugs cause great harm to the animal, and may even lead to cancer. If you are not planning to breed cats, and your favorite is not a purebred breeding animals, far more humane to sterilize it, and not to stuff pills and drops.
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How to treat hormonal failure in cats

If the veterinarian concluded that the missing catof a natural hormone - diagnosed "hypothyroidism" - the competent replacement therapy ensures a long life of your darling. Most often, a cat in a lifetime hormonal drugs that affect her health. The rest of the animal can be called almost completely healthy.
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If a cat has diabetes, insulin-dependent type, she appointed a daily insulin injections in selected dosage veterinarian.
In the event that the disease has gone away, and the catdeveloped tumors - often they arise on breast and ovarian - operative treatment. Simultaneously with the operation to remove the tumors carried the animal sterilization. In most cases, endocrine disease relapse occurs.
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If an animal with some endocrine pathologytimely system receives the correct dose of essential drugs and is under the supervision of a competent professional, then it is highly likely to live a long and happy life.
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