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How to treat an ear


How to treat an ear</a>

Ear diseases are most common in children. But they too overtake adults. How to treat the ear?

Methods for treating ear disorders depend on the cause of inflammation, as well as on the ear site in which this inflammation has occurred.

Common diseases of the ear & mdash are otitis media. The main cause of ear diseases & mdash is a cold. The main symptoms of otitis media include hearing loss, ear pain, and sometimes discharge from the ear. Infectious diseases of the ear affect the outer, middle or inner ear.

Treatment of uncomplicated infectious inflammationThe external ear can be studied at home with painkillers and antipyretic agents. The doctor can be called for additional advice. To treat the ear you need to start right away, as soon as the anxiety symptoms have appeared, so that there are no complications. It is better, of course, to see a doctor. Uncomplicated external otitis media is treated with warming compresses, gauze tampons inserted into the outer ear, previously impregnated with 70% alcohol, UHF. If the ear is very inflamed, if the temperature rises, antibiotics are used.

Diseases of the middle ear occur laterInfectious diseases of the respiratory tract, mainly in spring and autumn. If you do not treat infections of the middle ear, then deafness may occur. They are treated with antibiotics, antiseptics and warming. At the temperature, appropriate antipyretic drugs should be used. If there is an unbearable pain in the ear, you can drip alcohol, preheating it. With average otitis, bed rest should be observed.

If an abscess forms in the ear, then an autopsy is prescribed. In the case when the abscess erupted, you need to rinse your ear with a solution of boric acid or a solution of furicillin.

Infectious diseases of the inner ear are rare. But they are much heavier. Very dangerous are their consequences & mdash- the defeat of the central nervous system (meningitis).

Often in the ears are formed by sulfur fuses. In this case, you can use the folk remedy: three times a day in the ear to dig in a few drops of preheated vegetable oil. Then rinse your ear with a syringe.

For the prevention of ear diseases,Rules of hygiene. Ears can not be cleaned with traditional cotton buds, and you can accidentally damage them. For cleaning it is sufficient to remove sulfur at a depth of about 1 cm in the opening of the outer ear. Also, you need to protect your ears from water ingress, since a moist environment contributes to the development of infection.

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