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How to treat chickenpox


Many people have an incubation period for the virusChickenpox lasts 10 to 21 days after infection. In some people, chickenpox flows in a mild form, in others - in a jerky manner, in several stages, with each rash accompanied by an increase in temperature.

After the transferred chickenpox, there is usually persistent immunity.

The severity of the course of chicken pox can beRelated to nutrition. Products that have undergone industrial processing, as well as too fatty natural products, adversely affect the skin condition. A simple and healthy diet softens the manifestation of the disease.

The purpose of using natural remedies with chicken pox is to help a child or an adult cope with the disease, if possible, eliminating the discomfort caused by the disease: calm the nerves and relieve the itching.

You can treat chickenpox with the help of such folk remedies:

Tincture of the skullcap. To reduce irritability and discomfort, you should give the patient for 1 tbsp. Spoonful of a sculler and any calming tea.

Herbal baths. Soothing baths can be taken several times a day. Use fresh ingredients every time. Any of these baths reduces irritation, inflammation and itching.

Burdock root and comfrey root. Make the infusion, taking 50g. Each plant for 2 liters of water. Add to a warm bath.

Drinking soda. This is another ancient remedy that helps to treat chickenpox and other skin manifestations, accompanied by itching. If baking soda is everything that you have at hand, it will do. Add 0.5 cups of soda to the bathtub.

Ointment. After the bath, you can lubricate the skin with ointment from calendula, starch or psyllium. An excellent ointment is obtained by the following recipe: 3 tablespoons of a mixture of flowers of calendula and chamomile, leaves of stellate, plantain and comfrey, taken in equal portions-1 tablespoon of tincture of Echinacea, 1 glass of olive oil-5 tablespoons of grated beeswax. Grass separately brew and separate the broth with the rest of the ingredients.

Collection for the treatment of rashes. This herbal recipe facilitates the disease, reducing the number of vesicles.

  • 2 parts of the root of Echinacea
  • 1 part burdock root
  • 1 part of dry marigold flowers
  • 1 part of dry mother
  • 2 parts of dry leaves of curly mint

Mix all the herbs. Put 1 tablespoon of the mixture in a glass jar and fill with a liter of boiling water. Insist under the lid for 2 hours. Drink on the throat throughout the day.

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