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How to treat bruises


Bruises are an inevitable fact of an active lifestyle of a person.

Contusion - damage to the organs and tissues of the human body from the touch of a dull object, without compromising the integrity of the skin and accompanied by a hemorrhage in the underlying tissues.

First of all, after the person receivedA bruise must be applied tight bandage to the place of impact. In case there was a bruise of the nose, then insert cotton swabs. If there are severe bleeding, then you must first stop the blood and treat the wound around the site of damage, then apply a bandage. In case of bruises, in no case should you try to pull yourself or fix the injured limb yourself. To avoid internal bleeding or fracture, it is necessary to go to the hospital.

If you have a small child, it is helpful inFirst aid kit to have small bottles of arnica oil and marigold oil. Arnika acts very quickly and radically. It is enough to rub it into the place of bruise, that would feel a reduction in pain and swelling (do not take it with damaged skin). If the skin is damaged, then bruises can be treated with the help of calendula oil or St. John's wort oil, and also put compresses from the leaves of the comfrey.

Regularly give the patient herbs that strengthen the walls of the capillaries, before all the nettles and horse chestnut.

Nettle. To prepare the infusion from nettles, you need to take 15 grams or one tablespoon of herbs per 1 liter of boiling water. Insist 30 minutes, strain and let's drink 1 glass a day.

Horse chestnut is used as a tincture of 20 drops every day.

Sagebrush. A great tool for treating bruises. Collect fresh grass, grate until juice appears, apply to bruised areas. In case of a severe injury, apply a thick layer of the prepared mixture. Do not allow that the mixture dries out, it is often wetted with water on top or changed to a new one. In winter, you can treat bruises with a wax based on wormwood.

1 part of dry grass, 4 parts of lard, cow's butter or Vaseline.

Also, the chebrae is an effective tool in the treatment of bruises. Fresh roots of grass finely chop, pour boiling water and cook in water for no more than half an hour. With a warm broth rub the sore spot.

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