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How to treat a sable fur

Caring for fur sable

Sable fur is one of the most valuable and expensive in the world.

For products from the "king's fur" needs a very careful and thorough care.

Do not expose the coat of sable fur heat and light,wear it only in freezing and cloudy weather, avoiding it rain. In the case of getting wet items dry it at a great distance from sources of heat, placing it on a horizontal surface, and then shake it and comb brush fur.
Fur fenced off from contact with alcohol liquids such as perfume, hair spray, as well as funds from aerozolevye moth.
Do not carry bags and scarves over coats to avoid rolling fur and bald spots formation. Also be careful if you wear jewelry that can damage the product.
Store items sable in a cool place,protected from light. Avoid contact with other things, ensure good air circulation in the cabinet. Removing fur clothes at the end of the season on the long-term storage, preobretu special case of natural materials.
Every three months, ventilate the product out into the fresh air for a few hours, then carefully comb the fur.
By following these simple rules of your fur coat will keep the original appearance for many years.

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