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How to treat a runny nose in dogs

How to treat a runny nose in dogs

In dogs, there are a lot of diseases, symptoms are runny nose, for example, allergies or different tumors.

The method of treatment of rhinitis depends on the specific reasons for its occurrence.

Before the treatment, it is necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis of the disease.


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Runny nose in dogs can signalserious illness. To establish a diagnosis and begin treatment, it is necessary to analyze the secretions from the nose. If the discharge is transparent, it is possible, in the nasal passage there is a foreign object, such allocation may also indicate an allergy. If the allocating dense enough, most likely, the dog respiratory infection.

Treatment of Allergies

than to treat a runny nose in a cat
The most common cause of rhinitis indogs is allergic to pollen, dust, chemicals, etc. Like humans, dogs are often prone to such ailments. Further confirmation of the allergy may be discharge from the eyes, frequent sneezing and coughing, itchy skin. To proceed with the treatment of rhinitis in this case, it is necessary, first of all, to ascertain the allergen and not to allow him a dog. When allergy veterinarians often prescribe antihistamines, such as diphenhydramine or chlorpheniramine. Before applying any - any medications, consult your veterinarian, their effectiveness depends on the individual case, and most dogs.

In some cases, a veterinarian may prescribe corticosteroids.

Treatment of infections

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If the cause of the common cold is a viral infection(Colds), as indicated by the yellow and thick nasal discharge, must be treated with antibiotics. Infection in dogs may be fungal, bacterial and viral. Depending on its particular species used certain drugs.
In the presence of purulent discharge can bediagnosed with distemper. This is a deadly disease that requires immediate treatment. It also can be treated with antibiotics, but may need other methods, such as infusion therapy.
Pink discharge from the nose indicates a fungal infection. It is difficult to treat, because It multiplies very quickly. However, the use antifungicides can help get rid of the disease.

The course of treatment of viral diseases lasts about 2 weeks, fungal - a month or more.

Foreign objects

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A clear sign that hit the dog's noseforeign object, is the selection of only one nostril. Furthermore, nosebleeds may indicate airway lesions. Attempt to retrieve the object alone, such as with tweezers. If this is not possible, contact your veterinarian.

Surgical intervention

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If the dog has a runny nose is a chronic and treatable, most likely it has a swelling or polyps. In this case, the only way of treatment is surgery.

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