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Traveling to Belarus on 3 mashine.Ruzhany.Chast

Traveling to Belarus on 3 mashine.Ruzhany.Chast

The first and second parts of the article you have read about Nesvizh and Mir, and now tell you about Ruzhany - urban village Brest region, with a population of about 3,500 people.

It is located 140 km from Brest and 240 km from Minsk.

Ruzhany first mentioned in 1490.

Since 1552 Ruzhany become proficient Tyszkiewicz.


Tyszkiewicz - born Duchy of Lithuania, werethe title of Count. After Tyszkiewicz Ruzhany moved to Bruhalskih old. Bruhalskie, in 1598 sold the estate Chancellor of Duchy of Lithuania - Lev Sapieha. For Sapieha Ruzhany became his personal residence. During the reign of Sapieha Ruzhany began to develop rapidly - there was more than 400 yards, two factories, a church and a church, a school and two Basilian monastery.

What to visit in Ruzhany

Business Card Rouge - Castle of Sapieha (Ruzhansky lock). Ruzhansky castle was built by Lev Sapieha,mention of the building date back to 1602 year, but the actual construction started a little earlier. His residence Sapieha Tyszkiewicz built on the site of the castle. The residence was supposed to be impregnable castle, which would be reinforced by three towers. The building was a two-story, locked up were impressive cellars. They kept weapons, food, gold, important state documents treasury principality, file kind.

Lev Sapieha did Ruzhansky locking centerpolitical life of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. You decide the fate of people, countries, preparing plots. In 1603 the castle was preparing the Polish - Lithuanian march on Moscow Principality, then came Ruzhany False Dmitry.

For many years the castle learned and moments of ruin andmoments of glory. A descendant of Leo Sapieha, Alexander, rebuilt the castle with such success that it became known as "Belarusian Versailles." After the reign of Sapieha, in 1786, the castle rented. It was posted weaving workshop and worked there for over 100 years. In 1944 the castle was completely destroyed. Required huge funds for the restoration of the castle, and for many years it was abandoned and forgotten. Only in 2008 began a large-scale restoration, it is now restored only part of the castle - the two wings and the entry of Dawn. In one of the wings of a museum.

Like every castle with a long history, fromRuzhany also has its legends. Even the good that could see the castle before its complete restoration - as if little could touch the mysteries of the people who lived there.

Trinity Church of the Dominicans- Catholic church, built on the orders of the LionSapieha in 1596. Then the church was wooden. Later, in 1615 -1617 years, in its place was built a new, stone. From 1768 to 1787 two extensions were made: on the left the chapel of the Holy Cross, on the right the chapel of St. Barbara. Several times the church was reconstructed and rebuilt after a fire. The final version of the church architecture is different "restraint and austerity, which are inherent to Catholicism."

Peter and Paul Church (Church of Saints Peter and Paul). Pervoe mention of the church dates back to 1568 year,it states that built a wooden church in honor of Saints Peter and Paul. But in 1675 a stone building Uniate (Greek - Catholic) temple in its place. Peter and Paul Church suffered more than once during subsequent wars. In 1762, with money from Christina Massalsky kind Sapieha, the temple was rebuilt. In 1839 he was again transferred to the Orthodox. Today the church operates and with it, in 1992, opened a Sunday school.

In Ruza center stretches a wonderful park inwhich is a monument to heroes of the Great Patriotic War, the stone with the coat of arms and a stone laid in memory of the Nazis burned the villages. Even in Ruzhany there Church of St. Casimir (1792) and the building of the synagogue.

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