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TRAVEL to Belarus by car. Nesvizh.Past 1


Travel to Belarus by car. Nesvizh.Past 1</a>

Belarus is a country of vast expanses and kind people.

It is located in Europe, in its eastern part.

It is a country with a rich history and culture, a wonderful land of forests, rivers and lakes.

Get to the car from the western part of Russia toAny city in Belarus will not be difficult and does not take much time - you can spend three or four days traveling. But it will give an opportunity to visit many beautiful and memorable places. To visit Belarus, you do not need a passport and a visa. Entry for Russian citizens is free. If you still decide to visit this country, be sure to purchase the "Green Card" insurance policy. Prices in shops, cafes, hotels will pleasantly surprise you, there are no problems with the exchange of money, in extreme cases you can pay by Russian rubles, you do not need to buy dollars for a trip to Belarus!

The capital of Belarus is the city Minsk. About him you can write a whole book, but I'll tell you about other cities and places that we managed to visit for a few days in Belarus.


It is a city in the Minsk region (110 km from Minsk), withA population of about 15,000 people. The first mention of Nesvizh dates from 1223. In 1533, the city became the property of the famous Radziwill family. Radziwills are the richest genus in the Principality of Lithuania. The first owner of the family was Jan Radziwill, nicknamed Bearded, then, in 1547, Nesvizh became the residence of the eldest son of Ian Radziwill - Nikolai Radziwill nicknamed Black. In 1586 the city receives the legal status of an indivisible hereditary possession (ordination). The status of the "Nyasvizh Ordinance" the city had until 1939 and remained under the possession of the Radziwill family.

What can you see in Nesvizh?

Nesvizh Castle - The palace and castle complex. Recently renovated. The first mention of the construction of the castle - 1551, under the reign of Nicholas Radziwill Black. The castle was rebuilt not by one generation of the family and combines several different styles in its architecture.

The Nesvizh castle is surrounded by ponds of the Usha river andMagnificent park. Visit the castle with a centuries-old history can be at any time of the year, both with an excursion, and independently. The palace and castle complex is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Church of God's Body (Farny). FROMThe tripartite church continued from 1587 to 1593. Lighting took place in 1601. In the church there is a crypt of the Radziwill family, the third largest in Europe.

To establish it, Nikolai Radziwill OrphanWent for permission to Pope Rimsky. According to the Christian tradition, the bodies are betrayed to the earth, and in the crypt remain unburied. Given the merits of the Radziwills, the pope gave his permission. The founder of the crypt and the first in it buried Radziwill Orphan established two rules that no one dares to violate. The first rule is that only the Radziwills should rest in the crypt (although he himself broke it - at his feet the sarcophagus of a faithful servant). Secondly: all Radzivills are buried in simple clothes, without ornaments and excesses. Perhaps, thanks to this rite, the crypt has survived to the present day and has not been plundered. Legend has it that Radziwill himself orphan was buried in the cloak of the pilgrim. The church and the burial vault are very popular, and there are many legends associated with this place.

Nesvizh Town Hall Was erected in 1596. It is the oldest of all preserved on the territory of Belarus. The Town Hall suffered several fires, was rebuilt several times, after restoration, it acquired its original appearance. On the tower of the town hall there are an observation platform, a clock and a bell. On the second floor of the town hall there is a museum. At the first restaurant now.

The former Benedictine monastery Built in 1591, by decree and the means of his wifeRadziwila Orphans - Euthymia Radziwill. Initially, the monastery with the city was connected by a bridge, was surrounded by a stone wall and was part of the defensive system of the city. On the territory of the monastery the church of St. Euphemia is built. Previously, at the monastery, the daughters of wealthy and influential townsfolk were trained. At the monastery there was a music school and a large library. Finally, the Benedictine monastery was closed in 1939, and during the Great Patriotic War the church burned down.

In 1988 a treasure was found in the basement of the former church. 141 the object of the tableware. Items from the treasure are part of the exposition in the local museum of local lore.

Slutsk Brama - this is the only surviving gate in the city,Included in the system of urban fortifications. The gates are called because of their position, they are directed towards Slutsk. Built a brama in the late 16th century, in the Baroque style. It has two levels - on the first there is an archway for passage and earlier there were rooms for guards and customs, on the second - before there was a chapel (chapel) with the icon of the Mother of God. Slutsk Brama is recognized as a monument of international importance.

Also in Nesvizh you can explore other historical sights: The former courtyard, Building of the former plebania(In the territory of the Commonwealth the so-called priest's house with a farmyard and annexes) The house of an artisan, Bulgarin's cane, The complex of the former Bernardine monastery(Currently only one monastery complex has survived)

Nesvizh is a very cozy and clean city. Eternal castles and buildings are surrounded by beautiful parks. There are several very cozy cafes.

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