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How to Travel to Finland by car

Interesting lot in Finland

Holiday in Finland is becoming increasingly popular among Russians.

To get to this small but friendly and welcoming country can be all kinds of transport, including ferry trip from St. Petersburg.

Traveling by car has its advantages.

Before you hit the road, you mustread the rules of the customs control. These rules change periodically, Russian and Soviet drivers license, except time, in Finland there are, still, planning a trip, check to see if any changes have occurred.
Check the car. In Finland, the technical condition of vehicles are very strict. Lights must be undamaged (in Finland always drive with dipped beam), wheel, steering, brakes. Specify how to be "shod" your car. Summer in Finland is prohibited to use winter tires, and the maximum allowable depth of the tread is in the time-1.6mm. In winter, the tread depth may not be smaller than 3 mm, and the tires must have a special stamp (M + S). Terms of use of winter tires mandatory depending on the weather. On December 1 through March 1, allowed to use studded tires. If the winter is long and snowy, use of the term may be extended.
Remove the radar. In Finland, these devices are prohibited, and the trouble can not be avoided, even if the device is simply in the glove compartment. The front glass should not be tinted more than the norms established by the manufacturer. In any case, light transmission windscreen should not be below 75%. Beforehand, remove the additional light shield film, otherwise you will not be allowed across the border.
Take care of the "green card" - Europecivil liability insurance. Buy such a policy can be one of the points of sale, close to the international automobile check points in the Vyborg district of the Leningrad region and Karelia. You can do it, and in St. Petersburg, by contacting any travel agency organizing holidays in Finland.
Prepare documents. You must have a passport, driving license, registration certificate for a car insurance policy "Green Card", on your room. In some cases even a notarized power of attorney for the car. Customs declarations to fill in advance. At the entrance there should be two. It is better to immediately prepare a declaration on exit.
As for the route, there are several. If you are coming from the center of Russia, or from the south, it's best to get there first to St. Petersburg, then go to the track "Scandinavia" and for her to get to Vyborg. In the Vyborg district - three crossings: "Brusnichnoe", "Torfyanovka" and "Svetogork". They loaded about equally. The winter is considered the most dangerous road on Torfyanovka. If you are coming from the north, the road through Karelia will be shorter. There are several checkpoints, "Wärtsilä", "Lyttä". You can enter through points "lawn" from Murmansk region in Finland, "Lotta" and "Sully."
Regardless of whether a transmission throughplace you go traveling on the lane for cars. It is better to choose a "green corridor" (of course, if you do not have the baggage items that you need to declare). Queues are Friday night and Saturday morning, and before the holidays.
At the checkpoint on the Russian sidethe driver of the approach to the customs officer and makes 2 copies of the declaration. One copy you have to give. Save it to show at the departure from Finland.
The next stage - the passport control, whichpass and the passengers and the driver. The driver makes a registration certificate for the car and passport, all the rest - the passport. After checking the documents do not remove far. The officer must inspect the trunk. Finding nothing ill, he will miss your machine.
On reaching the Finnish point, out of the car andgo again passport control. The first, and there must be the driver. Typically, documents for the car and the passport is sufficient, but may be asked and policy, and credit card reservation for a hotel room and ask some standard questions.
Once in Finland, strictly observeregulations. Parking permitting designated sign - in other places can not be parked. Finnish police strictly applies to speeding, which is different in winter and summer.

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