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How to go to Gelendzhik by car


How to go to Gelendzhik by car</a>

A trip on vacation to the sea on your car isA real journey into which a romantically tuned couple can go and a family with children whom adults want to show how diverse and beautiful Russian nature is.

The resort town of Gelendzhik is becoming more popular every year, it is ready to host campers, as almost all hotels and boarding houses have their own guarded parking lots.

If you go from Moscow

The capital with Gelendzhik is connected by the modernRecently reconstructed federal highway M4 - "Don". It passes through the territory of the Moscow, Tula, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Rostov regions and Krasnodar Krai. From Krasnodar on it you will reach first to Novorossiysk, and from there to Gelendzhik only 25 km. Those who go to the sea from St. Petersburg or other northern territories of the central part of the country, it makes sense to first get to Moscow, and then go south on the highway M4.
Of course, during the holiday season, the busyness of the routeEspecially large, and many campers complain about the numerous traffic jams in the Rostov region. Experienced tourists recommend that you calculate the time on the road to drive Rostov at night, in this case in the morning you will be in Krasnodar and by the middle of the day you will reach Gelendzhik, where along the central street there are middlemen offering accommodation. But, of course, it's better to book a place to stay in advance, because it's not a fact that you can easily remove something suitable, especially in August, at the height of the holiday season.

How to get from the Volga

In the event that your route begins inEastern regions of Russia, there is no sense to go to Moscow. It is best to use the proven route through Syzran-Saratov-Volgograd-Salsk-Krasnodar-Goryachy Klyuch-Dzhubgu-Gelendzhik in this case. True, autotourists note a not very good road from Syzran to Saratov and a large number of heavy trucks from Saratov to Volgograd, which, of course, affects the speed of movement. Take into account that the segment of the route from Volgograd to Salsk can not be called brisk, so refuel the car and have a bite by yourself in Volgograd. A large number of traffic cops you can find in the bifurcation area with the M27 - "Kavkaz" route, which will take you to Krasnodar, therefore, even though the road is wide, observe the rules of the road.

Distance to Gelendzhik

From Moscow to Gelendzhik 1520 km and travel time 26Hours from St. Petersburg to go 2289 km and 40 hours from Izhevsk - 2370 km and 42 hours from Omsk - 3573 and 62 hours from Ufa - 2,246 km and 39 hours from Kazan - 1973 km and 36 hours from Saratov - 1303 km and 23 hours from Novosibirsk - 4241 km and 74 hours from Chelyabinsk - 2,635 km and 45 hours from Perm - 2,263 km and 48 hours from Nizhny Novgorod - 1,706 km and 31 hours. The travel time is indicated taking into account the fact that in your car there are two drivers who change each other and you are driving, not making excursions around the cities that are passing by.

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