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How to make a wish come true


To implement the desired, you can use three hints</a>

Many watched the movie "The Secret" and tried to use the law of attraction, applied visualization techniques ... But miracles never happened.

It turns out that there are three tips that will help to bring the miracle to life.

1. Watch your thoughts and speech

The universe hears your thoughts and builds life in line with them. If you complain about the increase in prices, lack of money, inadequate superior, you block access to the positive to your reality.

To attract a miracle into your life, say"Correct" words, those that are used by successful people. Ask yourself what the owner of a thriving business might think and say. Track negative thoughts and change them to positive ones. For example, the idea "I do not have money" is replaced by "money comes to me in the right amount." Do not deceive yourself by saying "I have money," it is better to use a more neutral "money come."

Such positive attitudes can be chosen for all spheres of life.

2. Let go of your desire

It is necessary to learn to trust life, notTo think up own ways for an embodiment desirable. Often the implementation of the conceived is not at all the way we expect. We are not allowed to know how a miracle will come into our lives, we just need to trust our own deep reason.

So, your task is to sow the seed in the mind of the desired result and take care of it with the help of positive thoughts. The rest is the care of the universe, relax and believe that the incarnation process is started.

3. Acknowledgments

For the rapid fulfillment of desires, it is necessary to express gratitude for them already now, as if they have already incarnated. This includes a process of trust.

Thank the life and the universe for your favorite work, stable income, loving people, etc., for what you would like to receive.

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