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How to translate text into curves in an illustrator


How to translate text into curves in an illustrator</a>

When working with text in Adobe Illustrator, you often have to translate it into curves bezier.

This can be done using the special command Create outlines.

You will need

  • - Adobe Illustrator.



Open Adobe Illustrator and createHer new document: click the menu item File - & gt- New (or click the hotkeys Ctrl + N). In the new window, in the Units field, type Pixels, and in the Width and Height fields, type 500 and click OK.


Select the Type tool on the toolbar(Hot key T). If you want to change the size, color, outline, font and other Type Tool parameters, use the tool settings panel. If it is not, click the Window - & gt-Control main menu item.


Then you can do two things. First, specify the area in which the future text will be located. To do this, hold down the left button at any point in the document, create a frame and release the mouse. Second - left-click on the left side (to have enough space for the label) of the workspace. A flashing cursor will appear, the same as in text editors. Further common actions for both methods - type some text from the keyboard.


Select the Selection Tool (hotKey V), after which the text layer should stand out on its own. If not - click on the label once with the left mouse button. Perhaps the resulting text was too small. However, it can be zoomed in using the Zoom tool. Select it and circle the text. As you can see the text approached, as if under a magnifying glass. To return to the previous position, open the drop-down menu that is located in the lower left part of the document window and select the lowest option in it - Fit on screen.


Transformation of the inscription in the curves of beziers is possibleDone in three ways. First - click the menu item Type - & gt- Create outlines. Second - press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + O. And the third - right-click on the label and select Create outlines.

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